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turn me back quest

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cant seem to finish that quest, the stupid cat wont talk to me >.> what do i do i already got the laser
Posted: January 2012 Permalink


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felixhuang Level 146 Windia Aran 4
talk to the cat in the headquarters?
Jan 19 2012
reconforce946 Level 182 Scania Bow Master
Run back to her at Edelstein. I mean, you can't shoot her with that laser from over 5,000 miles away right?
Jan 19 2012
superomosh Level 163 Bera Blade Recruit
make a dog ur familiar, then talk to cat and see what happens.
Jan 19 2012
Matherg Level 142 Broa Kanna 4
@superomosh and what monster in maplestory is a dog... JW[/quote]

The bulldog in showa
Jan 19 2012
lol i went back to the stupid place where we met, he dosnt want to end the quest, just tells me about furrballs
Jan 19 2012
xxymdude Level 202 Scania Phantom 4
I think it tells u to got to that secret edlstein park where the cat and u met O_o
Jan 19 2012
lol yea thats where i went, the cat wont accept the quest
Jan 19 2012
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