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What is a good Ap distribution for a Demon Slayer?

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Jan 21 12
Im pretty new to maplestory and I was wondering what a good ap build would be to a demon slayer. Im aming for the highest damage a demon slayer could do without fancy, expensive equipment because, as I said, Im pretty new, so I have low funds and i dont know how to make money. Can your guys tell me how much str, dex, int and luk I should have at levels 30, 70, 120 and 200?

Any help would be awsome, thanks

P.S. I have no idea what dexless, low dex, etc. means so please dont say them...
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Jan 21 12
Broa Zero Transcendent
first of all i will teach you:
dexless: no dex, all str
low dex: if you press the "auto" button in the stats it will give you low dex. I cant remember if its Str4, Dex1 or Str3,Dex2

now for Dmnslayers go dexless. this is the best option. i offer you to read the main guide of the DS.
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Jan 21 12
Put all points into STR.
Jan 21 12
Demon slayers do need to put 3/5 points into int per level. This is because demon slayers are intelligent warriors, and more intelligence results in higher damage+crit rate.
Jan 21 12
So should I just add all of it to STR or put 2 in STR and 3 in INT every level?
Jan 21 12*
and 1 in LUK. Every 20int+10Luk gives +2.5% crit rate.

Edit : forgot to mention that another two go into MP.
Jan 21 12*
LOL, they trollin you.

Jan 21 12
Broa Phantom 4
Aliens: LOL, they trollin you.


^This, Demon Slayers do not need ANY points in Dex.

They get a free +200acc, and +30dex. And monsters are easier to hit since BB. Even unfunded you won't have a problem. And if you do, you can always use a Sniper Pill, always useful. And if you have another character for the Blessing, thats even more accuracy.
Jan 22 12
Don't listen to WhitePeople. (Wow that kinda sounded bad)
He's just trolling. Just put all your ap into STR

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