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Solo chaos zakum

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What range is required to solo czak?
And in what order should I kill the arms?

I'm at about a 75k range right now
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i have 30% boss. how long do you think it would take?
Jan 22 2012
which arms should i kill first.

i read something and it said like arm 1,2, etc. but i dont know which is is 1 and which arm is 2 etc.
Jan 22 2012
21993 Level 200 Bera Hero
The bottom two left first because of seduction. Unfortunately, before, auto-aggro wasn't existent so people handle it last, but now auto-aggro is there so you have to kill seduction arms first.
Jan 22 2012
lol 75k range is easily enough. you can kill in like 50mins. i kill czak same as zak. stand on bottom and hit the bottom 4arms, and then when some arms at the bottom die kill left side then right side
Jan 23 2012
okay thanks for the replies. how do you deal with the seduce?
i tried the other night and tried to be fully potted the whole time but i died. im trying to make a profit of of this so i want to no use wheels
Jan 24 2012
you died? arms only hit like 2 or 3k so sed shouldn't be able to kill you. get hero's will if you haven't though. it dispels sed but it's sortof useless with the 6minute cooldown. on body, since you're on enrage, you can't hit the monsters zak summons and your pg will make them all try to attack you so when you get sed you lose like 5hp.

if you keep dying though, spam alt enter when you get sed so you lag and don't get hit
Jan 24 2012
You're basically screwed if czak spams 1/1 + attack while you are seduced unless your defense is **insanely** high. Try and get the "-2 seconds from status effect" it will help you get out of seduction sooner so you can pot, increasing willpower will also help you
Jan 25 2012
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