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How do i use my free mastery book?

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Jan 22 12
Scania Battle Mage 2
So the free mastery book you get from lv 70 (should be when u reach lv120 because the book fricking expires!).

It says skill level must be lv 5 so do i have to be lv 122 to get to that point?
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Jan 22 12*
Windia F/P Arch Mage
Essentially, yes. You can't use a 20 Mastery book until your skill level is at least 5, so you need 2 levels past 120 to use it.
30 Mastery books are similar.. you need at least.. umm... I don't remember exactly.. something like level 25 before you can use it.

Same thing happened with my ArchMage.. no way I was going to be able to level enough to get my skills to level 25 before the 30 book expired.
So.. with my Mercedes I'm not going to get the book until the last day and hope the expiration date of the book starts then.
Although with my luck the books will expire the last day of the event anyway.

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