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Which Class Does The Most Damage?

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Which class have the highest damage per minute so that i could make one?
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razormana Level 111 Zenith Marauder
Corsairs or bowmasters?

Edit:@above, buccs isn't weak, they are really strong but slow...they are more like a mobbing class...[/quote]
in the pirate revamp buccs move from last to about 5th on the dpm charts. they are no longer that slow, but do absolutely destroy 90% of other classes in mobbing when charged, Laser is one of the best mobbing moves in the game, it is better then any other version. But Buccs also get Fist of Rage which is a hurricane speed non hurricane move which when backed up with viperisation and Guard crush makes buccs a formidable class to say the least.
Feb 01 2012
**First off**, I was unaware that they had the exact same attack speed, I was told by various people that Hurricane was actually faster but they could have been mistaken.
**Secondly**, Max Damage is an extreme example to prove the point that Mercedes can, in fact, improve on their damage far more than a Bowmaster can.
**Thirdly**, I was also unaware of the buff of Hurricane by 30%, my only real understanding of the upcoming Union and Justice patch is based solely on what I have read on Basil, and for that, I apologize. The calculation that Mercedes will still hit harder once a Bowmaster has reached max damage still remains the same.
**Finally**, my post was meant to rule out any variables like equipment, potions, even buffs, but to focus on range of the character and the damage calculation with each and every skill. What would happen if suddenly a 800 attack dual bow gun were to be created, a very extreme case but it is still a variable that should be ruled out right? It's not fair to compare damage if suddenly a Mercedes had an 800 attack dual bow gun as oppose to a Bowmaster with a 170 attack bow. Same rule applies to a 301 attack Nisrock that is currently being circulated. It's not really fair to compare that to a legit dual bow gun, right?[/quote]

Well firstly, Max dmg is an extreme example **ONLY** if you are talking about mid vs high dmg % spells,
In this situation, you are talking about the smallest %dmg spells in the game, that being
110%x2 and 220% x1
You can and will **NEVER** hit max dmg with either one.
The highest You will ever get with ishtar is pretty much 190k - 200k per hit
And here you are placing this in a situation that is impossible, so max dmg is **absolutely positively irrelevant** when you are talking about hurrcane and ishtar.
Max dmg comparison does acctually have Very high relevance if you are comparing for example,
Blaze-Damage: 260%, Number of Attacks: 3 versus Dragon strike Damage: 850%, Max Enemies Hit: 6
Since one can obtain max damage with funding while the other one can not.
But again in this situation none of which either hurricane or ishtar can ever obtain max dmg or even 500k.

Seccondly, You cant create a 800atk bow gun because the 301 nis rocks/608 st's/ 301 cravens were created from a LONG patched exploit using enhancements.
A similar case occured if you arent familiar with the recent 255 atk scgs, Nexon deleted them immediately in a server check. and issued a notice.
If any new exploit is found lets assume a 800 atk bow gun, nexon would remove them immediately just like the 255 hammer hacked weaps last month.
The reason why enhance hacked weaps are here now is cause they got blow way out of proportion and removing them would cause many many legit items to be removed with them, thats why nexon has decided to leave that and that matter only alone.

Thridly It is fair to compare, because i am describing an item that is REAL, and not a theoretical 800 atk bow gun, in fact anyone can go log into maplestory and buy a 301 nisrock.
So how can you not put this vital part into the debate. Since hacked weapons have become a part of maplestory, it has become an easily accessable weapon.
And they are not going anywhere.

It's absolutely fair since if I created a merc and a BM and planned to use 10 billion on each account to its max extent to determine which class can get more with the same money, the out come would be a BM having almost double the damage of a merc.

You would make sence not adding hacked wepons to the debate ONLY...only if they were going somewhere, but they are not, and they have become a valuble part of the game and it is definitely a major factor when picking what class to fund for dmg.
Feb 02 2012
I'm pretty sure the absolute strongest with maximum funding would be a Mercedes.
However, I can assure you that you will not be hitting 999k x2.
So just make a class that you will enjoy. Works better that way.

EDIT: @Iamprophet haha uhm... I guess you haven't seen any KMS videos. There are multiple mercs that can hit max damage with BOTH hits of ishtars ring. People will be able to do that in GMS soon enough. And either way, in order to start outdamaging a BM, a merc would have to hit 500,000 x2 or more with ishtar.
It isn't relevant to the outstanding majority of the population, but to a select few, it matters.
Feb 02 2012
heaVINsent Level 84 Scania Hermit
Which class does the most DMG - clean or without equips?

Dawn warriors / Cygnus Knights,

Warrior Classes - Pure Str equips besides Von leon ones,

Classes that would have the best DPM/DPS with funds would be ;

NL or Merc/DS even after NERF, because their skills that are used to boss still hit the same amount of times/speed.

But in my opinion its NL and Phantom, when the Justice patch comes out.

But if u want Dps then go with mercedes. (only if funded properly)
Feb 02 2012
@AznBubblePop I'm a hero with a 634 and crazy %str and I can't even hit cap. No, heroes suck for pure DPM, but they are practical and the simple skills are the playstyle I like.
Feb 02 2012
WhoaMomma1 Level 41 Windia Assassin
Your mum does the most damage.

Choose any class.. Who gives a damn about damage -.-"
Feb 02 2012
alba444 Level 193 Mardia Evan 10th Growth
hehe its funny cuz f/ps can hit max dmg with a 30k range and infinity. granted our moves are slower i just thought it was cool when i hit it the first time xD
Feb 02 2012
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