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Using 3 and 5 Star Enhancement Scrolls

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What is the best way to use the 3 and 5 star enhancement scrolls? The 3 star Enhancement scroll has an 80% chance of success, and that would equate if you were to use 3 single Advanced Enhancement scrolls (100%/90%/80%). If I were to use this scroll on an item the already had 5 stars, would I still have an 80% chance of success, or would it be a 40% chance due it being the 6th enhancement?

Additionally, if there were 7 Enhancements already on the item, and I was to use a 3 star Enhancement scroll on that item, would a warding scroll (the protection scroll from the cash shop) keep it from booming if it failed? Or would the item be destroyed because it was attempting to add the 8th, 9th, and 10th star.

The same thing applies to the 5 star Enhancement scroll (50% chance of success), but I will not create another wall of text to cover the same ground. Thanks for your insights and help Basil!
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Good question, in my opinion it doesn't matter if it says 80% chance to work, unless it's the first enhancement and the success rate depends on the previous aee's you applied.[/quote]

what he said, unless the % deceases on the sucesses then it should just be 80%
Feb 03 2012
Can't you only use it on an item that wasn't enhanced b4?[/quote]

There is no mention in the text of the scroll that it must be used first, so I am assuming that it can be used at anytime.

[EDIT]: I will post a ss of it when I get home from work.
Feb 03 2012
@Dr4gonxLord: If that's the case, why don't we see 17 star legit weapons. (12 from shielding wards + 5 from scroll)
Feb 03 2012
It erases all other enhancements.
Feb 03 2012
Takeback3r Level 205 Khaini Cannoneer 4
Get it to 11 uses and save the last for a 5-star scroll.[/quote]

It. Doesn't. Work. That. Way.
Feb 03 2012
Isn't 12 the max amount of stars a legit weapon can take?[/quote]
No, 12 stars is max for no boom scrolls.
Feb 03 2012
battosai159 Level 212 Khaini Mercedes 4
3 and 5 star scrolls bring the item to that number of stars. They don't add 3 and 5 stars.[/quote]

so if you were to 5 star enhance an item with 11 stars, would the item keep the stats and reset the stars to 5 so u can continue to enhance?
Feb 03 2012
Heres how the scrolls work.

3 star: if an items has 0,1,2 stars, it will raise it to 3 stars.
5 Star: if an item have 0,1,2,3,4 stars, it will take it to 5.

This is what i remember from other people using it tho.

PS it doesnt ADD stars, it brings it UP TO said stars.[/quote]

So, if I am going to use the 3 star scroll, I should first use two Advanced Enhanced scrolls (2 Stars), then the 3 star scroll (now 3 stars). I would then use another Advanced Enhance scroll (4 stars), then use the 5 star scroll (5 Stars), then finish up with Advanced Enhance Scrolls for stars 6,7,and 8 (using warding scrolls of course). Is that correct, or am I totally off course on this? Thank you all for your input on this matter!
Feb 03 2012
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