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So I finished all the silent crusade quests and Ark prequests, but I can't find the silent crusade shop in the hideout which is in Edelstein where Wence is. I CAN'T FIND WENCE OR THE HIDEOUT...WHERE IS IT SO I CAN TRADE IN MY COINS ?
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go into city hall, on the very right hand side
Feb 04 2012
Im curious what sort of items can you get to trade this coins?
Feb 04 2012
can you get the infamous pink bean chair?
Feb 04 2012
Sjoooberg Level 160 Chaos Cannoneer 4
You can get to the Silent Crusades HQ in Edelstein **AFTER** you've done a few quests. You will notice when you can get there. Start the Silent Crusade quests by clicking the light bulb on your left. The shop where you can use the Coins is in the HQ.
To get to the HQ (Assuming you've done the quests to be able to go in there) simply walk into the Town Hall, while inside there, walk to the right and you will see a hidden portal.

"One does not simply walk into the HQ".
Feb 04 2012
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