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Help with Horntail Prequest or Pink Bean

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Feb 04 12
Bera Kanna 4
Hi there basilers! Sorry if this question is a bit ''easy'' to some and might start on attacking me T.T ~Hides in the corner~ But uh.. I've been asking buddies, guildies, and alliance BUT NO ONE is helping me :C

Can someone who is willing or knows what to do help me? I'm trying to do Horntail Pre quest and Pink Bean Prequest :o I watched in youtube the Horntail Prequest, but when I went to the place.. It never really gave me a quest wherein I have to kill monsters and pick the drops.. But when my quest is right away kill Horntail O-o soo im like.. wt? What am I doing wrong? :C And for Pink bean, haven't started it.. and prob will. But can someone give me a brief explanation.. if its hard or where to start? TYVM
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Feb 04 12
Windia Paladin
Horntail Prequest is given by that magician girl that is locked up in the cage (I forgot her name XD). You need the items to create a transformation potion so you can go in the cave. As for Pink Bean you need to finish all the temple of time quests (e.g. kill 999 of everything) and return with 10 of each masks and each etc item that drops from dodo, lilynoch and lycan. Hope that helps.
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Feb 04 12
Bera Shadower
horntail up there^
and i strongly recommend , DO NOT DO PINK BEAN PREQUEST. you will have to kill about 15000 monsters overall.. so unless you have alottt of time on your hands, you shouldnt do it
Feb 04 12
Yellonde Night Lord
You start the ht prequests by talking to cheif tomato and just accept all the quests then u go to the girl in cage at the end of leafre(after the skelegons where you enter ht)
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