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The Desert Crusade Mystic Gate wont let me in

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Feb 04 12
Bera Blade Master
So I'm doing the new Silent Crusade quest line and I've searched through all of Nihal Desert and can only find one Mystic Gate which is in the Zenumist Lab place but it says that the Mystic Gate is not open for me! Is there another mystic gate that I don't know of or what?
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Feb 04 12
ElNido Wind Archer 4
Keep trying, cc, that kinda stuff. That happened to me like 3 times today.
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Feb 04 12
Bera Corsair
That just means some jackhole is afk-ing inside, they changed it so it's just one person per channel.
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Feb 04 12
Arcania Buccaneer
It's in a Hidden Street in Ariant desert, I don't remember the exact location. There are cactus monsters in the map, but that's all I remember

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