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Range to solo czak?

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hey guys im wondering what range i will need to solo czak on my merc keep in mind i have 70%bossing damage thanks in advance!
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i put it in the mercedes thread part but i guess it didnt show up mercedes
Feb 06 2012
qwertyalt Level 184 Elnido Mercedes 4
im only 162 but i wont be able to solo since im on extalia and no 50%s thanks [/quote]

Did you even read the rules?
Feb 06 2012
gamemage3 Level 130 Scania Evan 9th Growth
You only need 25k range clean to solo at the very minimum.

With 60kish range clean I hit on average 250k per arrow and soloed c-zak in 30 minutes.
Feb 06 2012
I prefer not to tell people my range but I currently have 216% dex & 50% boss. I solo chaos zakum in around 12-18 minutes & regular zak in 1-2 mins maybe?

The %boss should help you out tons. Also I would most definitely suggest you have decent co & max hero's will.
Feb 07 2012

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