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anyone else heard that DaBoki got hacked?

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sirously guys ? :I only thing you should know that he is the nicest person ever!

im totaly impressed of his reaction hes taking it so ease
Feb 09 2012
jessyricky Level 178 Bera Marksman
Idk who he is but I feel sorry for him too like everyone hacking is rising so close your gates and get ready because we all are screwd
Why is he still playing though seems like a waste because when you lose everything its hard to make it all back when you realize it could easily be taken again
Feb 09 2012
Deletion Level 220 Bera Wind Archer 4
Haven't heard of him before, but that's pretty inspiring. Anddd I like his voice, haha.
Feb 09 2012
Buttersfly Level 213 Khaini Bow Master
He is a nice guy from Khaini, I was in Epsilon with him 2 years ago. Sad to hear him got hacked f3
Feb 09 2012
aznstyles Level 210 Mardia Dark Knight
Eh getting started back up after being hacked is easy. Ive done it twice and Ive got better items in total then I used to.
Feb 09 2012
RedRhino23 Level 190 Bellocan Blade Master
Is it self promoting time or is it just random fans making threads again[/quote]

i dont mean to sound like a fanboy here but he is just a really good commentator that does more than just play maplestory but tells the great tales of how he experiences his own life unfolding before him.
Feb 09 2012
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