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Knights Stronghold question

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k so im 143 and wondering when i can go to knights stronghold / monster park do they both have party bonuses like lhc? Also where are these located i honestly have no idea .so are there lots of ppl to get a party there and lhc is getting slow now where else can i train?

thanks for your help in advance
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You can only enter Stronghold at level 160+, and it is recommended that you be level 170ish to go up there.

Edit: Apparently it's 165, not 160
Feb 10 2012
i think there's a level limit, don't remember it >_>;

idk where else there is to train. I mostly do my temple of time series of quests, although the exp is EH and monster park =/
Feb 10 2012
so how u get to knights stronghold?
Feb 10 2012
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so how u get to knights stronghold?[/quote]

Go in Maple World.
Go to Leafre.
Go to Temple Of Time.
Go in the First Portal (Door of Future).
Go in the left portal (The one to Future Ereve).
Go all the way left, and enter the portal.
Feb 10 2012
You are required to be lvl 160 to enter the chaos area, lvl 170 to enter the Stronghold area (this is due to the quest to enter SH is locked until you make lvl 170). It is possible to bypass this restriction if you use a hyper-rock to tele to someone already there, use rep to tele/get summoned by some one there, or have a Bishop open a door for you in ruined Hyne. Unless you are well funded, or going to just leech I would recommend waiting until you are level 175 to 180 to go there to grind. Take alot of HP pots with you, they hit hard, and the nearest place to repot is Leafre.

To get there, go to the Temple of Time and on the map "Three Doors" enter into the first door. You will end up at a portal with a large door to each side of you. Navigate your way to the right to get to ruined Hyne (press the jump key to "fly" and enter the portal. You will need to do a few quests there to enter into the stronghold.
Feb 10 2012

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