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Feb 11 12
Scania Hermit
Hi everyone.

Does anyone know if the upcoming Thief Hero class called "Phantom" will be able to share cash shop inventories with other existing chracters in GMS or will it be totally separate? Does anyone who play KMS know if they do? (I know GMS&KMS aren't the same but I wanted to know anyway).
POLL - Shared Cash Shop Inventories?
2% - Yes, they will be able to - 1 / 36
88% - No, they will not - 32 / 36
5% - We have to wait and find out... - 2 / 36
2% - No clue! - 1 / 36
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Feb 11 12
Broa Hero
Considering that NO current hero-type job in MapleStory is able to share a CS inventory with other classes, I'm assuming Phantoms won't be able to.
Feb 11 12
Broa Corsair
No, since nexon wants money
Feb 11 12*
Bera Night Lord
I wish they never implemented special cash shop inventories.
Could've saved so much money!
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Feb 11 12*
Bera Corsair
No they're to cheap to do sharing they said after Pirates that they didn't make much money for NX so ever since after classes besides cygnuses can share NX.
Edit: sorry I meant can't share.
Feb 11 12
Scania Aran 4
Sharing NX Cash.. inventories..

Pshh, yeah right. Nothing new these days share inventories.

I don't even know if two of the same (new) classes share. They probably do ( hopefully )
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Feb 11 12
Scania Hermit
No, and all new classes created so far don't share inventories either. Despite being a resistance class, demon slayers don't share with them.
Feb 12 12
Scania Hermit
Yeah, I didn't think so. I wanted to buy one of the perma weapons that are on sale right now and hopefully transfer it to my future Phantom later on but I guess that's out of the question...

Nexon is money hungry
Feb 12 12
KradiaGMS Dragon Knight
Well if say they released a NX item that allowed you to share NX inventories across all accounts for 1 day (I know they'd never make it very long if it ever happened), who'd buy it?
Feb 12 12
Windia Cannoneer 4
The special NX Cash inventories is really a scam, I mean, c'mon, we payed for the stuff but we can't transfer it to another character in the damn same game?

Really sucks.
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