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Feb 12 12
Can anyone tell me how to get past 'Stronghold Entrance'?
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Feb 12 12*
Windia Bowman
If you're 165+ then do the prequests in future henesys. If you're 160-164 then you have to skip the entrance by teleporting to someone inside. If you're 159- then you can't get in at all.
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Feb 12 12
Feb 12 12
Or just use a Hyper Rock.
Feb 12 12
what are the prequests? 'caue I'd like to know this too
Feb 12 12
be lvl 120+ and go to monster park
Feb 12 12
Do the chief alex stronghold prequest, should take 3 minutes max =)
Feb 12 12
andy412 please know what you're talking about before you post We're talking about the Stronghold in Future Henesys not the Monster Park one

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