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What is Pdr?

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Percent Defense Reduction
Feb 15 2012
David0696 Level 213 Windia Hero
if a boss has 50% pdr (horntail), the boss cuts ure damage in half

when ure weapon/ambition says ignore enemy defense, it ignores pdr. its a % of a %. if u ignore 50% of enemy's defense, horntail would end up taking away 25% of ure damage instead of 50. mathematically, you take some steps:
multiply pdr of monster by defense u ignore
subtract from pdr of the monster the number ^
subtract ^ from 100%
you end up with how much % the enemy takes off ure damage

PDR = percent defense rate
Feb 15 2012
is it good [/quote]

yes, it's good.
the higher PDR you have means the more damage you hit on monsters, including bosses. You will hit higher numbers because you ignoring more of the monster's defense.
Feb 15 2012
pdr-Physician's Desk Reference
Feb 15 2012
physical defense rate

suppose there is a boss with 80% pdr and you are doing 30,000 damage. When you hit him you do 6,000 damage. Cool?
Feb 15 2012
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