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What is the best class for begginers?

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When I came to GMS, I stuck with this Blaze Wizard for a while, planning to get 120 eventually. I raised enough money to be playing other classes on the side, although nowhere near funding anything. The blessing is very nice to have. And I find BWs fun.
Feb 17 2012
Beginners /topic

OT: A bishop would be good since you can easily save money due to heal, you'll train easily and faster in 3rd and fourth you can relax and get to a high enough level to fund others. Another great option would be Cygnus Knights namely dawn warriors since they don't need their secondary stat AT ALL for the duration of their 120 life span unless of course you want to use a ST or NRW which is pointless for them unless you want to make a UA or another sword warrior.
Feb 17 2012
Definitely a warrior. any kind. they have no use for dex anymore, so they can wear any equipment or weapon of warriors, without needing the funds to be dexless or lowdex(or str and luk, like other classes)
Feb 17 2012
sacklaca123 Level 200 Elnido Wild Hunter 4
any cygnus knights
any resistance
heroes for storyline

explorers are slow and boring at low lv
Feb 18 2012
IdkMaiName Level 147 Scania Bishop
Bishops - Easy to fund.
Explorer Warriors - Experience their pain of walking.
It's better to suffer first before tasting something sweet.
Feb 18 2012
Bishops- Easy to fund, save money, but hard to level(Low levels? )

Try canonneers. They do decent amounts of damage even at low levels.
Feb 18 2012
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