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Who will play Maplestory 2 ?

MapleStory 2 Forum Talk about MapleStory 2

I really dont want to. I put lots of time into my characters in maplestory and I have been playing since '07. Unless you will keep everything you have I probably will nevery play ms2.

If anyone feels the way I do, I will probably form a guild in Bera which will consist of the players that will not play ms2.
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Time to sell all items/equips on MS1 for NX?
Feb 21 2012
You're quite the rebel aren't you.
Feb 21 2012
Nooo we want the old big bang back
Feb 21 2012
Eukaraffe Level 136 Windia Mercedes 4
The whole bunch of Hard-Core gamers around the world. duh.

I would point out a specific group of people, but I'd be called racist
Feb 21 2012
Nexon missed something is unique because its 2d. Theres no point in playing that game if its 3d now. 2d or nothing tbh
Feb 21 2012
squallypo Level 181 Bera Hero
MS 2 looks horrid ive seen much better 3d anime games..
Feb 21 2012
I think I'll try it. If I like it, I'll stay with it, if I don't, I'll stick with the original Maple.
Feb 21 2012
I don't really think it'd be the same in 3d. On the other hand, we probably won't get as many updates after MS2 goes live.
So... maybe? I'm gonna wait for screenshots to decide.
Feb 21 2012
XxSuperMoFoxX Level 171 Scania Mercedes 4
why? do we get to transfer our characters from ms1 to ms2?
honestly theres no point in playing ms2 >_>
Feb 21 2012
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