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How does it feel like to drive for the first time?

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Title. I'm really excited to drive next year.
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NoobCake Level 80 Mardia Hermit
My friends won't shut up about it
Feb 19 2012
Fun, then scary when you get out of the parkinglot +into the streets.
so scary its like "omg i never want to do this again"
but then you get over it, and its aiite.
Feb 19 2012
TeenDream Level 10 Kradia Battle Mage 1
My city was on the top 5 worst drivers in america list.
Does it sound fun being surrounded by idiots?
Feb 19 2012
It's pretty scary the first few times, but now that I have my license, I find driving to be more of a chore now. -___-
Feb 19 2012
UglierBetty Level 31 Broa Blade Acolyte
It's terrifying.

You don't know how high above the ground you are until you're in the drivers seat.
Really stressful too.
Feb 19 2012
Soma Level 143 Scania Dark Knight
All my friend's have their L's and I can't be bothered to get it.
Feb 19 2012
abundance269 Level 153 Galicia Mechanic 4
You just want to floor it and try and do crazy stuff, like handbrake turns and drifting, even though your car is a front-wheel automatic
Feb 19 2012
lettucing Level 147 Bera Dark Knight
scary. but i waited until i was 19. it was too scary.
Feb 19 2012
xVolcomStone Level 146 Windia Night Lord
Really, really exciting.
Feb 19 2012
well it starts out fun and exciting, and feels like a dangerous thrill, but later it starts feeling like a chore
Feb 19 2012
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