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How does it feel like to drive for the first time?

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Title. I'm really excited to drive next year.
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Fun, then scary when you get out of the parkinglot +into the streets.
so scary its like "omg i never want to do this again"
but then you get over it, and its aiite.
Feb 19 2012
TeenDream Level 10 Kradia Battle Mage 1
My city was on the top 5 worst drivers in america list.
Does it sound fun being surrounded by idiots?
Feb 19 2012
It's pretty scary the first few times, but now that I have my license, I find driving to be more of a chore now. -___-
Feb 19 2012
abundance269 Level 153 Galicia Mechanic 4
You just want to floor it and try and do crazy stuff, like handbrake turns and drifting, even though your car is a front-wheel automatic
Feb 19 2012
well it starts out fun and exciting, and feels like a dangerous thrill, but later it starts feeling like a chore
Feb 19 2012
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