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Balanced Fury/Crystal Ilbi

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Hey i wanted to know where i can get either balanced fury or crystal ilbi. Like from which quest or from which monster?
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Feb 26 2012
Samla111 Level 204 Scania Night Lord
you can craft bfuries from an npc in phantom forest, it requires 100 black crystals and several taos.
you can craft cilbis from ITCG ingredients, but since ITCG ingredients are rare, it's pretty hard to make cilbis so most of them come from the free market of those who already have some
Feb 26 2012
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stuffx3 Level 169 Broa Shadower
Taos are cheap, you get em from CWKPQ Bonus.
It's the Black Crystals that cost the most.
Feb 26 2012
how much are black crystals?
Feb 26 2012
thund3rnite Level 156 Bellocan Demon Slayer 4
maybe 2M-3M depends on world
Feb 26 2012
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