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Phantom Skill Build Idea

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ToFurkie Level 184 Scania Mercedes 4
I was talking with a friend of mine about the new Phantoms coming out and he told me that most people were saying to go haste, hb, hs, and sharp eye. I don't see why you should do that at all. I mean, sure, you can be a great support for your team but honestly, why? I don't get it, 3/4 are decent skills and maybe 2 of 3 phantoms will be using HS in a party so why bother? This would be my skill build for the Phantom

1st Job: Magic Guard, Iron Body, or Magic Guard for living longer (since you can only cast 1 at a time, I'd go MG)

2nd Job: Bless (Early levels only), Invincible (survivability), Iron Will (survivability), or Rage (Most likely this for damage)

3rd Job: Holy Symbol (Solo training), Mystic Door (Why get decent one when you got this!), Roll of the Dice (If the roll sucks, switch the skill out), Shadow Partner (Although I don't think you can), Meso Guard (survivability if necessary), or Combat Attack (Most likely this skill)

4th Job: Sharp Eye (There might be decent but the higher level = more critical and critical damage), Illusion Step (I'm going dexless so if this lets me wear gear, then I'm gonna use it), Advanced Blessing (Again, there is a decent but this gives more atk and buffs in general), Resurrection (keep it on the side, just in case), Glacial Chain (effective mob skill to pull monster in range of main attack), Speed Infusion (being faster is nice), Advanced Combo Attack (if it works, more damage for me), Smoke Screen (used when needed, same as resurrection), Power Stance (if Phantom doesn't have any skill for no KB then this would be nice to use), Dark Impaler (Pretty good and fast mob attack).

Currently undecided on what I will use as my constantly used 4th job. Leaning towards Advanced Combo Attack (if possible), Sharp Eye, or Adv. Blessing (no need to get the decent ) or Glacial chain (fun for mobbing).

These are my current ideas for my Phantom skill stealing build, I have yet to take into consideration the revamped Thief and Pirates yet, so if you want to suggest some revamp skills for my build, that would be appreciated. What is your build going to be? Do you agree with mine or tell me why you don't. I'm interested to know before Phantoms are released! Happy Mapling!
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Mmm... I see a lot of problems.

**1st Job:** You have Magic Guard down twice. Anyway, what about Haste?
**2nd Job:** You say those for survivability and have been mentioning decent skills, so why not Hyper Body?
**3rd Job:** Roll of the Dice is terrible, and Shadow Partner cannot be stolen. If by "Combat Attack", you mean "Combo Attack", that's useful. Combat Orders might also be useful, but not for damage reasons.
**4th Job:** Why Glacial Chain for a pulling move? There's a bunch and you chose the one that has a cooldown. You can't steal Advanced Combo Attack because it's a passive that buffs normal Combo Attack. Plus, why Dark Impale for mob attack? Fusillade for Corsairs will be the best mobbing DPS attack once it comes to GMS.

This is my plan, though:

**1st Job:** Haste, Iron Body, random stuff
**2nd Job:** Hyper Body, Bless, Threaten?, Rage
**3rd Job:** Holy Symbol, Combo Attack, Combat Orders
**4th Job:** Fusillade, Rapid Fire
Mar 03 2012
ItzATrapp Level 203 Bera Blade Master
1st Job: Magic Guard
2nd Job: Alternate between Rage and Hyper Body based on the situation. Might have heal in there for the lolz.
3rd job: Alternate between Holy Symbol and Combo Attack.
4th Job: Hurricane.

I didn't fill up all the slots so I'll just save those for entertainment use.
Mar 03 2012
AckarRed Level 180 Windia Zero Transcendent
I want to focus on the 2nd-4th skill build. I should tell you that unless that you have a large Mana pool, do not get Magic Guard, it will burn over half your HP in one hit. Haste should be a necessity as Thieves are known for their speed.

2nd job, You can omit Bless if you're going to get another attack buff. You might as well get Hyper Body for some extra HP. You could also get Bandit's Karma or Brawler's Mental Clairity.

3rd job, get rid of Mystic Door, I honestly see no need for it. It's too much of a luxury. So is Roll of the Dice. Meso Guard can be acquired at 2nd job. You ought to invest in getting skills like Dispel or Magic Crash for efficiency.

4th job, Sharp Eyes isn't a bad idea, neither is Advanced Blessing. Res is useless IMO, I don't see why you should get Smokescreen when you'll have a high dodge rate. You cannot steal Advanced Combo Attack, You'll also have some good ranged attacks so you don't need Glacial Chain. Stance is a maybe but, again, high dodge rate. Dark Impale is nice for good mob training, even with the Insta kill effect. You ought to get Rapid Fire if you plan to reach top DPS.

@ItzATrapp: Rapid Fire is far superior to Hurricane.
Mar 03 2012
Resurection only revives others.
Phantom doesn't have enough mp for Magic Guard.
Glacial Chain has low damage.
Illusion Step, Power Stance, Meso Guard: Better crap is out there. Range > Defense.
Mar 03 2012
1st job: haste
2nd job: thunderbolt for training, mesoguard for survavility
3th job: HS(meso guard is 2nd job)
4th job: SE/Rapid fire/hurricane
Mar 03 2012
AckarRed Level 180 Windia Zero Transcendent
demon impact duh[/quote]

I hope you read about Phantom and Explorer skills.

There are far better skills to take than Demon Impact anyways.
Mar 03 2012
JustGoof Level 206 Windia Night Lord
Mine is...
1- Haste, Magic guard, Iron Body, idk
2- Hyper Body, Bless, Meso Guard, Heal
3- Holy Symbol, Concentrate, Combo Attack
4- Rapid Fire, Sharp Eyes
Mar 03 2012
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