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Att or Total Damage

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SnowShadow Level 148 Windia Shadower
So basil..i cant seem to get straight...which one is better =O
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In most situations,
+2% att < +2% total damage
+2 att > +2 total damage[/quote]
Mar 03 2012
AcoXD Level 125 Scania Wild Hunter 4
Same thing? not even -.-
Mar 03 2012
If your saying Att% and Total Dmg %, then their the same thing
Mar 03 2012
If your saying Att% and Total Dmg %, then their the same thing[/quote]

No, he's asking which of these are better. A fixed amount added to your weapon attack, or a fixed amount added to your actual damage. On is on your weapon, the other is the numbers you see when you attack.
Mar 03 2012
XDarkenNinja Level 200 Windia Bow Master
%Att is based on all the attack from your equips and it reflects on your range.
%dmg is based on your total damage (duh) xD and doesn't reflect on your range.

So no, like some people say, it is not the same.
Can't really tell which one is better but I would like to know this too.
Mar 03 2012
SeanZxShine Level 208 Windia Mechanic 4
I'm pretty sure %total damage > %att. I mean if we think about this logically...
Our total damage is comprised of essentially two elements: attack AND stat (str, dex, luk, int)
So i assumed a % damage would be a superset of % attack or basically a %attack+%stat

...but that is just me.
Mar 03 2012
Well i had two EPIC maple majesty's

one was +6% ATT, 6% Avoid
the other +6% Total Damage, +6% Crit

When I put on both and compared my range the 6% ATT was better

and then I blew it up with a 25% scroll
Mar 03 2012
% att changes your range
% total damage changes the numbers that come out?
i think % attack is better but not by too much
Mar 03 2012
kirbystar168 Level 136 Windia Mercedes 4
I'm pretty sure %total dmg is better but it would depend on the %.
Mar 03 2012
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