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Disconnect at Channel Select

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We all know how rough its been these past few hours with all the lag and the D/Cing going on for whatever reason. It seems as though it may have leveled off, but now whenever I log in I can get to the channel select screen, but when I select a channel it says that, "you have been disconnected form login server. Please try again later."

I was just curious if anyone else has been getting this message or if it was just me. Or if anyone has had any experience with this either.

I tried logging in to different channels as well as different worlds on the account and no good. BUT when I logged into my other account, I got on fine and didn't get disconnected.
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I had the same exact problem a couple weeks ago. I was temp banned for holding 'e' too long lol. Are you connecting through the site or game launcher?
Mar 05 2012
I am connecting through the site
Mar 05 2012
Try using gamelauncher. It'll tell you if you've been banned or not.
Mar 05 2012
How do I use the game launcher , I've never used anything else besides through the site
Mar 05 2012
KingJew Level 137 Mardia Bow Master
Well prolly nexon or the Royals are d/cing ppl to crash maps so they can dupe. Xtuki, VIP, and Kipudy do that a lot.
Mar 05 2012

You should use this from now on. A bit faster than opening up a browser and going to the slow site and blah blah blah.
Mar 05 2012
Wow, it says that I was banned for a month and I can log back in on April 3, 2012 for using illegal programs or violating game policy.

I'm assuming, its not going to help if I try and submit a ticket to Nexon for banning me for no reason. >.<
Mar 05 2012
Do it. It may take a day or a few, but it's better than one month. All the other people I know who got 1 month banned were unbanned in a day or two. Mine was only a day so I just waited it out.

Yeah, it sucks, but there's little we can do.
Mar 05 2012
Thanks for the help breaker (assuming thats what your name is supposed to be) lol
Mar 05 2012
lol no problem.

And yeahhh basilID made two years ago, on impulse, at that point I used retarded 3s for every 'e' possible.

Mar 05 2012

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