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Mar 07 12
Scania Aran 4
has any1 seen a empress cape for warrior in the fms cuz i kinda want to get one,and how much would they be?would they be cheap like them thiefs cape that r like 150mil?
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Mar 07 12
Bellocan Bow Master
yea, theyre around the 150-250m range for a 1 att cape.
Empress Cygnus is broken, but the knights still drop equips (no weaps tho)
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Mar 07 12
Scania Dark Knight
Warrior capes are 800m or higher in scania. The only one that is 150-250m is thief cape.
Mar 07 12
Scania White Knight
wyvernaco: yea, theyre around the 150-250m range for a 1 att cape.
Shouldn't lie, or state things you're unsure of.

@TS; Thief capes are only cheap because they drop already crafted. All other classes need the recipe, which requires 200 dream fragments among other things to craft.
In Scania, the recipes are about 500~800m, and dream fragments are 10~15m each, so you're looking a several billion mesos per cape, which you might chaos the 1atk off(or craft is with 0atk), costing you innocence scrolls to fix.
Mar 07 12
Scania Bishop
They're around 1,5b - max in Scania depending if it's 1 or 2 attack.
Mar 07 12
Scania Jett 4
as said. if you plan on getting a cape, be ready to spend 1 to 2 bil just making one

also, please improve your grammar a bit.
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Mar 07 12
Scania Evan 10th Growth
^ That

Have around 2b+ ready to make one, cape recipe costs around 800m. Dream fragments doubled in price ever since Arkarium got released because it takes 40 to make the rings. Takes around 1b-2b if you're lucky to get the dream fragments alone.

The only reason the thief capes are so cheap is because Eckhart (the thief chief knight summoned by empress) drops it. The other 4 chief knights only drop the recipes, empress only drops the weapons.
Mar 07 12
Bera Phantom 4
If you had the cygnus instructor cards in your monster book you would know that, the thief cape DROPS from the thief boss, you'd think it would be a glitch since the rest of the capes dont drop... the rest require a super rare recipe and 200 dream fragments making them cost a lot. I however bought mine off some guy that got it from a gachapon event.
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Mar 07 12
Khaini Dark Knight
<333 Being a thief.
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Mar 08 12
Bellocan Bow Master
StupidRob: Sorry, but in Bello, I see recipes daily for 50-100m, and dream fragments are 800k-1m.
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