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How do you win in Maplestory

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Derpish Level 205 Windia Mercedes 4
Hit 999k every hit?
Do every single quest?
Merch like crazy and Make trillions?
Get to 200?

What do you guys consider, "beating the game".
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XDarkenNinja Level 200 Windia Bow Master
When you quit & get a life.

^ And I'm completely serious about this.
For a while I've felt addicted to this game, the constant grinding, merching, PQing, bossing.
I would spend hours.. and I still do, but I slowly put other things before this game because
it is not worth it. Of course I don't regret the fun I've had but it's time to slowly stay away from it.
Maybe not completely stay away, but it's time to put other things before this game.
At least I'm not one of those people who have spent hundreds of dollars on this game, but
that's probably because I don't have an income at the moment. xD

^ But when you realize there's a lot of things more important than this, that's when you beat the game.
Mar 08 2012
letsdoit123 Level 120 Windia Wind Archer 3
making 200 and doing every single quest not counting events get every single title
Mar 08 2012
Throw the game into mordor[/quote]

One does not simply throw the game into mordor.
Mar 08 2012
Vaceron Level 187 Windia Xenon 4
You buy the game from Nexon and you destroy it.[/quote]

Why do you have to buy the game from Nexon to destroy it...? They already seem to be doing a great job of destroying it themselves.
Mar 08 2012
> feels like quitting 3+ years on this game its not as fun as it used to be GRINDING AT LV 5x at mp3 and jesters pre bb lolololol >.< iv I think is lost my passion for this game... praying the next update will delay me quitting this game =/
Mar 08 2012
Playing all the classes and having fun~
Mar 08 2012
You overcome the addiction and get your life back.[/quote]
Basically this.
Mar 08 2012
when u realize that THIS IS ONLY A GAME
Mar 08 2012
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