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janny1993 Level 225 Scania Blade Master

Current Patch:

[url=]v.124 - Tempest: Luminous[/url]
||[url=]Choice of Light and Darkness[/url]
Summary: Last Hero: Luminous, PvP destroyed by Black Mage's forces, Tempest Festival.

|Note: This is solely based on KMS so I will not include any GMS exclusive.

Coming Soon

[url=]v.125 - Tempest: Kaiser[/url]
||[url=]Protector of the Dragons, Kaiser![/url]
Summary: New Race: Nova, New Nova Class: Kaiser (Morph Gauge & Command Skill System).
||[url=]Beginning of Evolution, Hyper Skills[/url]
Summary: Hyper skills are only available for Heroes and Novas at the moment, all 5 heroes can be created for a certain amount of time, Mystic bosses added as Silent Crusade expansion, you can get skill point for Hyper Skill for every 10 levels from 140 to 200, they total to 6 Stat enhancing passives SP (there are 13 of these and are common for all jobs), 5 Skill enhancing passives SP (there are 9 of these, separated into 3 enhancing skills for 3 skills), and 3 Attack/buff actives SP (There are 3. One attacking skill and two buffs)
||[url=]Traitor Magnus![/url]
Summary: New Boss: Magnus (Normal & Hard mode), Zone Control System, Death Count System, Bombardment System, Sleeping Gas System, drops Former Kaiserium, Nova equipment (for Normal Mode) and Tyrant equipment (for Hard Mode), Return of Aswan Liberation War(?), Monster hp and exp adjusted in Aswan Liberation, lower exp to level up Honor.

Upcoming Patch:


[url=]Idol of the Battlefield, Angelic Burster![/url]
Summary: New Nova Pirate Class: Angelic Burster, Dress Up System, Soul Recharge System, 1+1 event, Idol of the Battlefield Open Celebration event, new level 150 Tyrant equipment.

[url=]Evolving System, Warrior and Magician Hyper Skills[/url]
Summary: Hyper Skills for warriors, magicians, and Mihiles, Evolving System and Jewel Craft, Empress Shoulderpad, additional set effect on empress set, old classes received a secondary weapon, shield will be treated as secondary weapon.

[url=]Archer, Thief, Pirate Hyper Skills[/url]
Summary: Hyper skills for Archer, Thief and Pirate (Including Dual Blade, excluding Cannoneer). Item Lock removed from Cash Shop and are now permanently available on sale in mesos. Dimensional Invade mini-game. Rock-paper-scissor mini-game. Dual Blade available for creation.

[url=]November Update[/url]
Summary: It includes reorganizations to Cannon Shooter, Demon Slayer, and Kerning Square as well as Hyper Skills for them and the rest of the Resistance, a new theme dungeon, and an extension to Monster Park! There's also a lot of really good events~ The maximum number of character slots has been increased from 18 to 19

[url=]MapleStory Unlimited[/url]
Summary: This patch includes many reorganizations, including those to items, stats, and bosses! It's almost like another Big Bang! Read on for more information~

Tespia (KMSt):


[url=]Winter Update[/url]
Summary: Random Options, Magnifying glasses are also no longer required to identify items, total of 3 decks but you can no longer use the same job card in more than one deck, new character creation screen, bosses revamp, increased damage range, cap damage, hp/mp and defence, cap avoid nerf, strange cube drop from bosses.

[url=]Demon Avenger & MapleStory Unlimited![/url]
Summary: A new patch has been released in Tespia, giving us additional changes to Random Options, bosses, and other things. However, the more exciting thing is a new job, not Automata, but Demon Avenger, a split path for Demon Slayer!

|Note: If you are unsure about the safety of the link. I have written a summary under each link so it isn't necessary to visit the link.
|But if you want to get more detailed information about the patch, visit the link at your own risk. I can assure you the link is absolutely risk-free so just ignore the warning from Basil.
|Credit: Max from [url=]Orange Mushroom Blog[/url]

Old Patch:


[url=]v120 Masquerade Update[/url]

[url=]v.121 - Rise Against Update[/url]
||[url=]Resistance Reorganization[/url]
Summary: Chaos Pink Bean has been added and it comes with many new prizes, Hilla's difficulty decreased, drop rate for some equipment has been increased, new theme dungeon: Cherry Blossom Castle (level 70-80), change title without closing shops, Resistance revamp, mechanic can change the color of their metal armor and has a new secondary weapon, Meso Ranger Entrance Exam event(?)

[url=]v.123 - Tempest: Into the Storm[/url]
||[url=]The Prelude of the Tempest[/url]
Summary: 3rd job changed to level 60 and 4th job changed to level 100, Phantom get slightly nerfed, Secondary stat removal.

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Hysteriac Level 133 Broa Buccaneer
Thanks dude, this is really nice and organized. +1
Mar 10 2012
Zunoku Level 165 Khaini Shadower
[i]**FINALLY**[/i] a thread for people that keep asking "OMG OMG OMG WHEN IS THE NEXT UPDAAAATE? U SUK NEXON!"

Can we please get this stickied?

EDIT: @Woefully: You. On. Now.
Mar 10 2012
LEGENDairy Level 112 Scania Wind Archer 3
Those KMS events generally don't come to GMS. Don't get your hopes up.
Mar 10 2012
Brizzy Level 109 Elnido Xenon 3
Pirate/Thief revamp is so far away D:
Mar 10 2012
janny1993 Level 225 Scania Blade Master
Pirate/Thief revamp is so far away D:[/quote]

Well, it will come sooner or later
I can't wait for instance zakum
Mar 10 2012
janny1993 Level 225 Scania Blade Master
Even if empress was killed in KMS recently
well to put that into perspective
Justice is in June/July
Phantom August/ September
Dual Blade revamp October/ December

expect empress glitch fix to come next year[/quote]

I think the Empress glitch fix comes together with the Dual Blade revamp if you looked at the patch version....

But ya... the fix on Empress will still take a long while unless GMS decide to fix it now than later
Mar 10 2012
janny1993 Level 225 Scania Blade Master
Oh it comes with update? I thought it was just a regular bug fix maintanence that fixed it.

Then it will be like a christmas present from nexon [/quote]

Lol Christmas present from Nexon huh....

I'd prefer they give us ALL a free Empress Weapon related to our own class for messing Empress up so badly for so many long years >.<
Mar 10 2012
x3Inferno Level 187 Mardia Wild Hunter 4
The Advance of the Union patch comes next week and the PQ revamps will most likely be included in the patch or be skipped. Remember we get our main content from KMS but things like PQs and small events sometimes don't come over to GMS.
Mar 10 2012
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