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Is the Cash Shop down?

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SpriterAlex Level 130 Khaini Hero
Every time I try and go to the Cash Shop my screen just goes black for several seconds and then MapleStory crashes.
Is this happening to anyone else or is it just me?
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aac786 Level 200 Bera Bishop
same here. They did soo much in these 2 unsched maint today!
Mar 16 2012
Hello down time again...[/quote]

Mar 16 2012
NLNoFearNL Level 200 Scania Bishop
same here!
Mar 16 2012
Braddd Level 183 Scania Hero
nexon roolz
i was gonna buy hammers :'<
Mar 16 2012
Harukikun Level 200 Scania Hero
I didn't get my owl refund. . .
Mar 16 2012
Demmit. I need to get married >.<
Mar 16 2012
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