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Nlc is under attack quest help

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DragonKiwis Level 136 Yellonde Mercedes 4
How do I rescue the 5 captive dudes?
I rescued one but I don't know what to do after
I talked to the mayor guy but he didn't accept the quest
Posted: March 2012 Permalink


jaavaid766 Level 201 Scania Night Lord
find them and click the keyboard
Mar 16 2012
DragonKiwis Level 136 Yellonde Mercedes 4
find them? lol i is helpless
do u just find them in nlc or the base thing
Mar 16 2012
i can only find 4 of the 5 o_0
Mar 16 2012
Running around NLC and going through portals = finding other captured people.
Mar 16 2012
stu321 Level 207 Windia Phantom 4
another one is where u sabotaged the stuff.
Mar 16 2012
Pwned by a lv 10. ^
Mar 16 2012
please tellme how I do this quest of NLC "The Alien Mainframe" in this quest the NPC tellme that I destroy the Galacto-Drill but it is destroyed.
please helpme
Mar 16 2012
DragonKiwis Level 136 Yellonde Mercedes 4
I figured out how stipud it was lol. sry guys. NOW I BE STUCK ON WHAT^^ SAID!
Mar 17 2012

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