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Mar 17 12
Zenith Buccaneer
So, for all of those keen WHs that are unsure on how to get the beautiful Snowy White Jaguar~
This is how:
-Wild Hunter
  1. Complete ALL of the Resistance quests. Look under the "Available" tab in the quests menu. Then, look for the heading "Resistance". Complete all quests available.
  1. Eventually, you will come to a quest, where you must collect 10 Alexandrias (or something like that). Once you have finished all of the Resistance quests, you will receive a quest called "___Wild Hunter" (not sure what the full name is). This will appear on the star on the left of the screen. Accept the quest, Belle will tp you straight to her Mysterious Mine.
  1. Once 10 Alexandrias are collected, exit through the portal. Find a Dimensional Mirror, and click on the "Ereve Conference Room" or something like that. Enter, complete the quest, and you will be given the following rewards:
-Snow White Jaguar coupon.
-SP Reset.
-Union Crossbow.
-When at Verne Mine, you do not go INSIDE the mine. At the Entrance to the Mine, keep heading right until you hit the right of the map. You will tp to another small map. Go through the portal in the centre.
-Use the Nearest Town Return Scrolls to get from the mine, back to Edelstein for a faster experience.

Hope all this helped!
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Mar 17 12
Broa Wild Hunter 4
so what do u have to do if u had ur wh before the patch how do u get it then
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Mar 17 12
Khaini Shadower
wut lvl can i do dis
Mar 17 12*
KradiaGMS Bow Master
Sanctuary Guild
Assassincom3: wut lvl can i do dis

18 or so.

also, you don't need to do resistance quests.
you just need the alliance quests
Mar 17 12
Khaini Battle Mage 4
Lift Guild
BTW Kudos to BigFatKuro he posted this so credit him

Gelimer tells you in the previous quest to use the "back entrance" to the mine. To do so, you have to go to the mine entrance and run all the way off the right side of the map to get to the entrance.

Everyone having problems with the telephone booth entrance:
If you haven't already done so, try starting the "Awakened Test Subject" questline with Claudine... It will eventually instruct you to go see J. I wasn't able to go through the portal until after doing those quests.

Here's the overall questline (and the NPC that gives you the quest) to unlock Will of the Alliance. Sorry for any spoilers and hope it works for you all:
Delivering the Test Subject's Medicine (Claudine) >>> Suspicions 1 (J) >>> Suspicions 2 (Lisa @ Orbis) >>> Suspicions 3 (Lisa @ Orbis) >>> Spy or Victim (J) >>> An Unsettling Discovery (Claudine) >>> Truth and Lies (Vita @ Prison in hidden portal next to where she was standing before) >>> In Search of an Antidote (Claudine) >>> Feather Plants (Sabitrama @ Sleepywood) >>> Cygnus Knight Favor (Eckhart @ Edelstein airport) >>> Decline (Eckhart @ Edelstein airport) >>> Vita's Disappearance (Claudine) >>> Gelimer's Trap (Claudine) >>> I Repent! (Claudine) >>> Their Purpose (Claudine) >>> Black Wing Master (Claudine) >>> Time to Make a Decision (Claudine) >>> Birth of an Alliance (Cygnus @ Ereve)

Sorry for the big block of text, but hopefully it helps some (if not all) of you get the awesome skill!
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Mar 17 12
Windia Battle Mage 4
every WH are able to have this white snow jaguar u just need to complete the story line until u finished protecting surl then u get a quest from J i think is called evidence I or something like tht u must go to the serpent path talk to him and go to orbis do a few quest tht will take u to edelstein-orbis-sleepywood-edelstein and when u finally done with those quest u get a quest called the final decision accept it and go to ereve get ur alliance skill go out get the medal travel to a town with a dimensional mirror and accept a quest "the awekening of Wild Hunter" (i think thts the name -change depends on ur job-) say yes and go inside the mine coolect the 10 alexandrias get out and take dimensional mirror to the conference room (got a an ereve sings on it) finish the quest dismount ur jaguar press the wihte snow coupon and mount again and proft u get ur new jaguar with 50% chance for stance when attacked plus ur new alliance weap tht allways are epic and the sp scroll ...
Mar 17 12
Khaini Battle Mage 4
Lift Guild
iThinkEpic: I actually don't know, i used immediately on my BaM so no clue
Maple Story: Literally 3 inches of snow in Texas merits no scho...
Mar 17 12
Scania Marksman
iThinkEpic: Is the SP reset scroll movable through storage?

No, it's not.
Mar 17 12
Bera Luminous 4
i got the jaguar without finishing the resistance quests
Mar 18 12
Khaini Wild Hunter 4
So im gonna make a New WH but im too bored to play alone.
Khaini BTW
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