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Permanent Kurenai Runaway Mount

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Hello, can I get a price check approximation for this?
Bought for 33m
flamedaggerLevel 165 Windia Hero
Posted: March


You,sir made a very good deal
Tobipal7456Level 153 Khaini Phantom 4
Mar 19 2012
Thank you for the P/C.
@Tobipal: Yeah, I think he mis-priced it because he had other 90-day things for 30m
flamedaggerLevel 165 Windia Hero
Mar 19 2012
i'd say what the first person said (300m+)
would you like to sell it to me? =D
EDIT: pm if you're willing to sell it to me
daviddabestLevel 130 Windia Hero
Mar 19 2012

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