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How to obtain Superior Item Crystal

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shot Level 192 Scania Corsair
1. Look for it in Fm
  1. Spam "B>Superior" at Ardentmill
  2. 5. Dragon Rider PQ (I don't like it cuz I always have bad luck....)
  3. Do Ellin Quest line to the end. Kill Ephenia and get ring.
She has good chance of dropping ring/s (lv105) and as far as I know you can enter as many time as you want.
Extract them.

I extracted 11 and result was 6 superior, 3 philosopher, several advanced. Should be a good way to get them for some people.

So far theres not many people doing this quest, but if there is, let people finish quest before you farm rings.

Edit: Copy Paste from website

Ellin Forest Expansion
- A new level 95 quest chain consisting of 31 quests has been added to Ellin Forest. Travel back in time and experience the advent of Victoria Island.
- Characters level 95 or higher will receive the [Invitation to Ellin Forest] quest from NPC Spiegelmann.
- Time travel to Ellin Forest through the top portal in Helios Tower (100th Floor).
- Ellin Forest maps have been revamped from the ground up.
- Ellin Forest's world map has been updated.
- New maps have been added to Ellin Forest: Rocky Mountain Cave, Deep Inside the Cave, Fairy Forest 1, Fairy Forest 2, and Queen's Hiding Place.
- New monsters were added: Violent Primitive Boar (Lv. 107), Ancient Fairy (Lv. 108), and Shining Fairy (Lv. 109).
- New boss monsters were added: Chao (Lv. 110), and Ephenia (Lv.115).
- Levels of existing monsters have been adjusted: Moss Snail (Lv. 87), Tree Lord (Lv. 100), Stone Bug (Lv. 104), and Primitive Boar (Lv. 106).
- The following equipment is available through the new quests:
- Ephenia's Ring - Untradeable, Unique Equipped Item, REQ LEV: 105, All classes, Category: Ring, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +2, Max HP/MP +50, Weapon/Magic ATT +1,
Weapon/Magic DEF +45, Accuracy +15, Avoidability +15
- The Guardian of Ellin Forest - One-of-a-kind item, Untradeable, REQ LEV: 105, All classes, Category: Medal, STR/DEX/INT/LUK +4, Max HP/MP +160,
Weapon/Magic ATT +1, Weapon/Magic DEF +90, Accuracy +40, Avoidability +40, Speed +7, Battle Mode ATT +1
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@Maxman527: Thread editted, all info is there. Level should be fine, but might take little time defeating, though its a fun to fight boss.[/quote]

Thanks now I can make some money, superior is 130+ right? Well I will do it anyways
Mar 19 2012
shot Level 192 Scania Corsair
@Maxman527: 130+ is where you can get it for 100%. (still I think theres chance of getting philosopher stones instead)
From what I heard, you can also get it from extracting lv90 equips, but chances are really low. You have good chance of getting few superior extracting this ring though.
Mar 19 2012
Pereeia Level 211 Windia Zero Transcendent
LOL, you forgot extracting the equips you get from Dragon Rider PQ
Mar 19 2012
Superior is 9m each...Hmm, Thanks [/quote]
Ikr, I have literally like 10k in my inv. right now...
Mar 19 2012
shot Level 192 Scania Corsair
@Pereeia: lol yea forgot that, I havn't done that PQ in a while....i rarely got equips

@iThinkEpic: I'm not sure about your world, but it went down to like 2~4m in Scania
Mar 19 2012
boss takes too long.....
Mar 20 2012
Where is stone? (some shining one)
Mar 20 2012
killerjonjen Level 189 Broa Night Lord
You had to tell everyone...
the boss is annoying cuts your dmg by like 75% and seduces and crap
and it doesnt even drop all the time
Mar 20 2012
now i can get some money if i can kill boss
Mar 20 2012
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