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Question about Potential Locks

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Mar 21 12
KradiaGMS Dark Knight
This is off the maple website:

"March 21 - April 4

Ever find yourself in a tricky situation where your item has one great potential power and one mediocre one, and you just can't decide whether to cube? No longer!

The new Potential Lock allows you to permanently lock one potential power while you reset the rest with a Miracle Cube. You can try this out at a introductory price of NX 9,900!

Potential Lock NX 9,900
NX 14,500

Here's how it works:

Buy the Potential Lock and transfer it to your game inventory.
Double-click on a Miracle Cube.
Select the Potential power you would like to keep.
Click OK.
The Potential Lock will disappear once used. Only one Potential Lock can be applied to each item. The potential power locked with a Potential Lock will be locked for one cubing cycle only!"

So I have a question. The last part is sort of unclear to me.
Does this mean that you can only use one Potential Lock per item, as in, once you use it you can never use it again on that item?
Or does it mean that, you can use a Potential Lock every time you cube something?
As in Lock --> Cube --> Lock --> Cube --> Lock, etc?
Can anybody vouch for trying this and it working/not working?

Link: [url=]http://maplestory.nexon.net/News/Events.aspx?boardNo=201&contentNo=00Dl7&pageIndex=1#[/url]
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Mar 21 12
Broa Mercedes 4
I would like to know this aswell.
Mar 21 12
Bellocan Hero
1st Potential, now Nebulites, and now THIS?
Please Nexon, stop
Mar 21 12
Mardia Luminous 4
Here is how the potential lock works. It is one time use though. Ex :
Dragon Shiner Crossbow 3L Unique 6% dex 6% max MP +20% damage to bosses.
By using a potential lock, you can keep ONE line of the potential if you decide to cube.
So if you cube you can keep the % dex, the % MP, or the % damage to bosses and get two new lines.
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Mar 21 12
Galicia Bishop
It looks like it means you can only lock 1 line at a time (no locking 2 lines trying to get that perfect 3rd line).
And the lock is only good for 1 cube...so if you want to try again, it's going to be another 9,900 nx per shot.
Mar 21 12
Mardia Crusader
Can you use "Premium Miracle Cubes" and "Super Miracle Cubes" in conjunction with the "Potential Lock" item as well?
Mar 21 12
Windia F/P Arch Mage
iStalkHob0s: So I have a question. The last part is sort of unclear to me.
Does this mean that you can only use one Potential Lock per item, as in, once you use it you can never use it again on that item?
It means that the Potential Lock DISAPPEARS when you use it, just like any other one-time-use item.

You can cube the item again, but you have to BUY another Potential Lock. (This is Nexon, remember? )

You can use ONE Potential Lock on an item when you cube it, which means you can only protect ONE line of potential from being changed.

If you want to protect that same line of potential again, you buy ANOTHER Potential Lock and lock that line again before cubing it again.

In other words, plan on buying lots of NX before you start cubing.
Mar 22 12
Scania Demon Slayer 4
Only Regular Miracle Cubes work with this lock, unfortunately.
Mar 22 12
Windia Hero
why bother with this piece of *.
it's meant for them super rich people that values a $100 bill like as it was a $1.
even if i was making money like $30 an hr I wouldn't buy this *.
There's a fat chance those 2L would still get * potential.
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Mar 22 12
Scania Bishop
nexon want yo moolah.
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