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Wowdont bother a ticket about Pb chair

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So last night,before it got super well known to everyone,i sent a ticket complaining about the BS on the website saying the chair was permanent. For a few hours,the ticket said "open",but after a while it finally said "work in progress" which should of meant someone was dealing with it,so i just sit and wait and go on with my day. Then today,i find out that nexon just went back into the event notes and changed the "permanent" part to "30 day chair",as if we already didnt know this... So i go to send another ticket,this time reporting them as a scamming website (if you lie to people to get them to participate in your events,thats scamming,dont bother arguing with me). As sooooon as i send the ticket,it automatically said "work in progress"... So after they lied to us for a week,we find out about it,they just put on a auto ticket respond and change the event notes real quick. I wouldn't doubt if we ever hear anything about this again...

EDIT/UPDATE- My second ticket was sent right before i posted this thread,and they already closed my ticket...customer support ftw!
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dbswjddn Level 148 Khaini Blade Master
Laugh out loud.
Mar 22 2012
You shouldn't of
Mar 22 2012
Wow, yeah it did say permanent, shame on them, should sue them for lying to us
Mar 22 2012
ufinkok Level 211 Windia Aran 4
cheap ass nexon
Mar 22 2012
Ikr? Nothing in that event was tradeable,or worth anything at all...spigelman mustache is 5atk and takes 30mins to dont bother with that "super cute heart face acc!"
Every single one of the scrolls i got failed,and my chaos scroll took the atk away from my pig belt,and lowered the rest of the stats to +1...this PB chair was the only reason me,and probably everyone else who did it. From my knowldege,none of the previous event chairs were temporary (ice king,spirit of rock,etc...) so seriously...
Mar 22 2012
Wow omg. are u kidding me. I just got the permanence heart have accessory and tomorrow I was gonna get the pb chair but its not permanent? WTF nexon. at least I'm not gonna waste nx on face accessory anymore
Mar 22 2012
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