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Aran and Evan Medal
MapleStory Forums : Aran : Talk about the Aran class
Mar 23 12
Scania Blade Master
Can someone please show a picture or tell me the color of Aran and Evan's Lv 200 medal? Also if you could show me a picture of it equipped that would be great! Thanks!
Mar 23 12
Broa Wild Hunter 4
go and find a lvl 200 player on maple, click him and click collections, there u will find the medals they've earned. Hope this helped.
Mar 23 12
Scania Aran 4

aran level 200 medal
evan level 200 medal
Mar 23 12
KradiaGMS Shadower
the aran one is pink and it looks like all of the other aran medals
Mar 23 12
Khaini Aran 4
Go to my profile and look at the screen shot of "My medal collection".
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Mar 23 12
Scania Blade Master
nightstrikez: google.com

aran level 200 medal
evan level 200 medal
I tried, but it only showed the medal, but I wanted to see it equipped.
Mar 23 12
Galicia Battle Mage 4
well heres the aran medal. medal is called aran the hero has 3 weapon attk.

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