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Mar 30 12
Windia Cannoneer 3
Hey I would like to know how to get permanent Cash Shop items, please leave how to do so in the comments below.

-Thank you
MapleStory Screen: Raw talent
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Mar 30 12*
KradiaGMS Dragon Knight
All new cash shop equipment is permanent until the next time new stuff is released. Everything else only lasts for 90 days, except during special events.
Mar 30 12
KradiaGMS Demon Slayer 4
They are only release in certain events and cost 2x the original amount. I got a permanent trans hat about a year ago. Check items regularily to see if there is perm available
Mar 30 12
Scania I/L Arch Mage
Events, Sales and the new Fashion Box that came out has some permanent nx items, or so i've heard.
Those are the only ways you can get permanent nx items.
Mar 30 12
Windia Cannoneer 3
Okay thanks
MapleStory Screen: Raw talent
Mar 31 12
Windia Xenon 4
Also for a limited time awhile back, Nexon gave the option to buy any item of NX permanently for I think double the NX.
It was almost a year ago or so I suppose.

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