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Apr 03 12
Windia Blade Master
Ok so i am trying to find Pianus because he's my favorite boss, I have never killed him, and it has been my dream since starting maplestory to bring down the "big fishy" as i called him when i was 10. Are there any tips for finding Pianus and/or tips for fighting him?
MapleStory Screen: Where am i? MapleStory Video: Mercedes Vs. Pianus (unfunded damage)
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Apr 03 12
Galicia Mercedes 4
Just keep looking. No specific tip.
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Apr 03 12
Windia Jett 3
hes in your brain imagine your killin him.
Apr 03 12
Galicia Aran 4
you remind me of Capt. Ahab Lol

but he has a long spawn timer, so you might just need to keep checking other

channels to see if other people havent killed him yet
Apr 03 12
KradiaGMS Battle Mage 4
Buy a ton of all cures and keep even more full heal potions at hand. He likes to spam 1/1 and status defects.
Apr 03 12
Broa Paladin
Wait until a server check or maintenance, he'll be in every channel when the check finishes.
MapleStory Screen: Poking for 63k damage
Apr 03 12
Bera Shadower
Kenya PQ
MapleStory Screen: 130 galore!
Apr 03 12
Windia Evan 10th Growth
I never found him .
Seriously , I checked like half of the servers . IN ALL OF THEM HE WASN'T THERE !
MapleStory Screen: There was a girl named annie
Apr 03 12
Scania Night Lord
pull down ur pants.
Apr 03 12
Scania Paladin
above dam you, I was gonna say it.
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