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How to find Pianus?

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firefly539 Level 133 Windia Blade Master
Ok so i am trying to find Pianus because he's my favorite boss, I have never killed him, and it has been my dream since starting maplestory to bring down the "big fishy" as i called him when i was 10. Are there any tips for finding Pianus and/or tips for fighting him?
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delightful1 Level 70 Windia Jett 3
hes in your brain imagine your killin him.
Apr 03 2012
Jeracrain Level 146 Galicia Aran 4
you remind me of Capt. Ahab Lol

but he has a long spawn timer, so you might just need to keep checking other

channels to see if other people havent killed him yet
Apr 03 2012
Buy a ton of all cures and keep even more full heal potions at hand. He likes to spam 1/1 and status defects.
Apr 03 2012
shairn Level 200 Broa Paladin
Wait until a server check or maintenance, he'll be in every channel when the check finishes.
Apr 03 2012
Sophikay Level 195 Windia Evan 10th Growth
I never found him .
Seriously , I checked like half of the servers . IN ALL OF THEM HE WASN'T THERE ! >.<
Apr 03 2012
KostyaHeals Level 186 Scania Paladin
@above dam you, I was gonna say it.
Apr 03 2012
Wait until a server check or maintenance, he'll be in every channel when the check finishes.[/quote]

Not true.
left side spawns every 24 hours after the last time it was killed and right side spawns every 36 hours from the last time it was killed.
Apr 03 2012
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