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How I got Ms to work on Mac in Parallels

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In the registry, go to,


change VideoBiosVersion to:

NOBOX__ VGA-Compatible BIOS Version 3.0.2111.89721

I'm pretty sure anything will work, actually.

Please note, you have to start Maplestory through the website, not GameLauncher (at least I couldn't get it to work, if anyone does, please post what you did)

Please note, you'll need to change this registry setting every time you start up your VM. I wrote a batch file that I can just double click on when I want to play Maplestory. I'm too tired to try to automate it at start up for now.

My system specs for reference:

Mac OS X Version 10.7.3
Parallels Version 7.0.15055
Windows 7 Ultimate, SP1 (64-bit)

Please post your results along with your specs to help others.

As always, your mileage may vary.
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I didn't find a VideoBiosVersion so I just changed BIOS to the NOBOX__ VGA-Compatible BIOS Version 3.0.2111.89721 and I'm going to see if it works.
Apr 07 2012
-It also works for Windows XP Professional

**If you can't find VideoBiosVersion**
go to Edit > Find and put in "VideoBiosVersion"
It should work. It did for me. c:
Then you change the Data to what he gave you above.

Thank you so much for this. It finally works. Haha.
Apr 07 2012
smuthermuffin34 Level 114 Windia Luminous 4
i did everything you said and it still doesn't work
Apr 09 2012
you lost me at step 1 lol

where's the registry?
Apr 12 2012
modeify Level 184 Bellocan Paladin
Many thanks for this. Works perfectly and also, GameLauncher works perfectly fine for me, so not sure what's going on there for you.
you lost me at step 1 lol

where's the registry?[/quote]

Go to Run and then type "regedit" then you'll be able to edit the registry, be careful.
Apr 13 2012
I'll be very happy if this works. Going to try this as soon as I get home.

Edit: Yay it works! Thank you so much, now I'm able to play on my mac again.
Apr 13 2012
jayjuice4 Level 144 Khaini Shadower
This works! I love you!
Apr 19 2012
Thank you oh so much! Worked like a charm.
Apr 19 2012
justsofly Level 210 Scania Evan 10th Growth
For all you unexperienced non-tech-savvy people, read and check to make sure you know what you're doing or at least doing it right. Screwing up your registry isn't exactly something you wanna do.
Apr 19 2012
Well I tried it, and it didn't work.

Mac OS X Version 10.6.8
Parallels Version 7.0.14922
Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit)
Apr 22 2012
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