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difference between golden hammer and cs hammers?
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Apr 06 12
Windia Hero
the hammers in cs says it can be used 2 times maximum per item and the one that sells in fm [golden hammer] says can use 1 per item
so whats the difference?
the cs hammers gives 2 slots and golden hammers gives 1?
EDIT: how do people get golden hammers?
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Apr 06 12
Bera Jett 4
Golden has a 50% chance to fail.
Apr 06 12
Windia Hero
yxicool: Golden has a 50% chance to fail.

it doesnt say 50% failing chance any where ;O
and any way how do people even get it?
Apr 06 12*
Scania Night Lord
sirius545: You can hammer an item 2 times. The first hammer is the FM one. However, if you want to hammer your item second time, then you need to get the CS hammer.

No you can use 2 of the same
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Apr 07 12
Broa Buccaneer
sirius545: You can't

You can use 2 of the FM hammers. i just did that last night
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Apr 07 12*
Windia Hero
ok thanks guys made it clear for me
on the same item?
Apr 07 12
Windia Battle Mage 4
Golden hammer can sell for moneyx
ad CS can't d:
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Apr 07 12
Windia Mercedes 4
BlackXDark: ok thanks guys made it clear for me
on the same item?

Yes I also used 2 FM hammers on the same item. Only difference between CS and FM are that the tradeable ones are much cheaper compared to buying from CS
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Apr 07 12*
Scania Marksman
sirius545: You can't

you obviously never tried if you say that, I been using them ever since the recent dupe due to them being cheaper than nx hammers.

The hammers are the same ones as the ones in cs, the difference is only that one is in use and one is in cash tab
the 100% hammers say once because that's how it was in kms, they had both 50% as well as 100% hammers in kms, and you could only use it once, where as we had a different system. Hammers were here in gms then kms got it through peanut machines which were changed to 1 slot hammering only. The description is a simple translation from korean to english. They really don't look at their own systems at all thus why golden hammers say 1 slot only.
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Apr 07 12
Bera Night Lord
It's the same thing.
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