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No disk in the disk driver error

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Haii, so everytime I leave maple on for awhile and start moving, or change channels consecutively I get this error. It said Maplestory.exe- No Disk. And it says ''there is no disk in the disk driver error.'' Can anyone help please? I've never gotten this error before, but it's been happening a lot lately. And it's starting to really annoy me >.<. Especially since to the 5 hours exp bonus and then it randomly crashes. So if anyone could help please?
Posted: April 2012 Permalink


emm97 Level 248 KradiaEMS Mercedes 3
try reinstall maplestory
Apr 08 2012
pedropimp101 Level 202 Broa Cannoneer 4
its a new error i had it also when i tried to cc
Apr 09 2012
...It might have something to do with the new security device, or the fact that we are not supposed to CC if we want to keep the exp bonus... anyway it shouldn t have anything to do with a disk drive unless it uses a virtual drive now or something like that.
Apr 09 2012
That error always pops up when I d/c. I ignore it nowadays and just try to log on again. That problem has been bugging me for ages.
Apr 09 2012
jrb75 Level 204 Windia Paladin
Don't press escape again if the channel selection screen stays up after you CC. Close it by clicking manually or this will happen. If this isn't your issue, then you're probably having the same one my friends and I are having for staying on over 20 hours and then trying to CC, but crashing instead lol. I have no idea how to fix the latter.
Apr 09 2012

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