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Apr 11 12
Windia Night Lord
edit: sorry, the thread title got messed up for some reason.. the "quot"s are supposed to be quotation marks if you got confused.

I am referring to the boss in Neo City year 2230 where you have to kill that angel boss with the black hair.

Just wondering if you had/are having a really hard time killing the boss for that quest..

What level were you when you killed Oberon?
Maybe is it just because I am still too low level?

I am a level 113 hermit, my attack range is pretty decent I guess, it's 3526-5425.
The farthest I've gotten to was halfway into her HP.

It's not just me, my friend who's a lvl 115 demon slayer is having hard time killing it too.

Thanks for any responses I gladly appreciate it!
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Apr 11 12
Bera Mercedes 4
Oberon has the ability to use damage reflect, which makes all the attacks you throw at her damage you instead.
Just watch out for that and you should be able to beat her.

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