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Price check for Sharktooth Sharpshooter please

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190 att 3l
30% boss
40% boss
9% total damage

-Enhanced 10 times
-20% boss nebulite

Any idea of how much this could fetch? I'm thinking of selling now and scrolling a new empress gun later on with 20% anni scrolls and the duped wards (those weren't around 3 months ago when I was scrolling this).
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@Dulcineaux: I was joking, but if it was in Windia that could fetch a pretty penny, and a few quarters.[/quote]
I was planning on waiting until the revamp to sell, but with the recent empress exploit I'm not sure if i'll have the time now...
Apr 23 2012
iShAn Level 150 Bera Corsair
I'm jelly I really want that for my corsair
Apr 24 2012
MmmmmHmm Level 200 Broa Buccaneer
EDIT: probably around $200

might be less since theres probably less demand in Gali
Apr 24 2012
kevsk8 Level 170 Bera Corsair
250k nx
Apr 24 2012
I would innocence and rescroll it as well. Potential stats that good is very difficult to get. I should know >.>
Apr 24 2012
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