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White Angelic Blessing?

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Do the blessing rings stack? If so the white angelic blessing ring has base stats of +12 att matt and +10 to all stats, the buff of archangle will give +5 att and matt making it a total of +17 att and matt. Stacking with Dark Angelic blessing for the 10 att and matt. Will this affect prices of evo ring 1 or 2? People might want to sell one of these in order to be able to use the white angelic blessing ring. Leave your thoughts please.
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Zulucker Level 196 Arcania Night Lord
2 white angelic blessings dont stack, but white blessing and normal blessing do

not 100% sure though
Apr 30 2012
I meant a white angelic blessing and a dark angelic blessing, not 2 whites, sorry.
Apr 30 2012
izama Level 202 Bera Corsair
I meant a white angelic blessing and a dark angelic blessing, not 2 whites, sorry.[/quote]

No blessing stacks with another blessing regardless of its color. In other words, dark, angelic, and white , cannot stack with each other nor with themselves. Evo ring prices are stable. Its basically most will equip 3 evo rings (I,II,III) with addition of a 4th ring of their choice, either a blessing of a certain color or a gratias / crit ring. Hope that helps answer your question!
Apr 30 2012
Ok, thanks ^, just needed to know if i should sell one of my previous evo rings to get the dark and white angelic blessings.
Apr 30 2012
I wish i had more ring slots, i mean we should have at least 8
Apr 30 2012
armory20 Level 178 Bera Mercedes 4
And have everyone equip oracle berserker and more wedding rings? No thanks...
May 01 2012

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