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AGRTheFox Level 181 Bellocan Marksman
I did a bit of research on it but everything i found is really old, some say its..

Tier 1. 0-30
Tier 2. 31-70
Tier 3.71-120
Tier 4. 121 ++

i also dont know the actual difference of the Tiers .
im trying to find this out because i want to make %Luk for my Shadower but one item is lvl 70..which would make it T2? is it worth making?
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AGRTheFox Level 181 Bellocan Marksman
Isnt it

Rare T1
Epic T2
Unique T3
Legendary T4
May 02 2012
Genostigma Level 200 Broa Citizen Genostigma
All level 71+ gear can be taken to 4th tier (Use legendary cubes to take 9% to 12%) . Simple as that.
May 02 2012
Tiers are not Rare, Epic, Unique, Legendary. You can get up to legendary with a level 10 item as easily as you can with a level 130 item.

Tiers determine how good the stats will be of an item depending on the potential level.
Ex:A level 10 item with legendary potential will not be as good as a level 130 item with legendary potential
The higher level the item is, the better the potential ranks can be.
May 02 2012
**Tiers are:**

**Rarities are:**
May 02 2012

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