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Post Justice Dps Chart - Buccaneers Not on the Bottom

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May 19 12
KradiaGMS Buccaneer
This is the legit DPS chart for Post Justice.

Single Target/bossing 6 targets

Hero* 5900%/s 14920%/s
Paladin 3264%/s 11832%/s
DK 2461%/s 14270%/s
Aran 4867%/s 24592%/s
DS** 3212%/s 15605%/s

F/P 6899%/s 40527%/s
I/L 5471%/s 28451%/s
Bishop 3825%/s 18684%/s
Evan 8635%/s 26362%/s
BaM 4147%/s 24886%/s

BM 5264%/s 10777%/s
MM 4937%/s 26406%/s
Merc** 4992%/s 14082%/s
WH 5455%/s 14301%/s

Sin 4413%/s 11283%/s
Dit 9366%/s 24012%/s
DB 2496%/s 12718%/s
Phantom 7416%/s 16033%/s

Bucc 4093%/s 18512%/s
Sairs 7393%/s 16771%/s
Mech 5208%/s 14774%/s
CS** 3986%/s 11413%/s

Ranked by Single Target
Dit 9366%/s
Evan 8635%/s
Phantom 7416%/s
Sairs 7393%/s
F/P 6899%/s
Hero* 5900%/s
I/L 5471%/s
WH 5455%/s
BM 5264%/s
Mech 5208%/s
Merc** 4992%/s
MM 4937%/s
Aran 4867%/s
Sin 4413%/s
BaM 4147%/s
Bucc 4093%/s
CS** 3986%/s
Bishop 3825%/s
Paladin 3264%/s
DS** 3212%/s
DB 2496%/s
DK 2461%/s

Ranked by 6 target DPS
F/P 40527%/s
I/L 28451%/s
MM 26406%/s
Evan 26362%/s
BaM 24886%/s
Aran 24592%/s
Dit 24012%/s
Bishop 18684%/s
Bucc 18512%/s
Sairs 16771%/s
Phantom 16033%/s
DS** 15605%/s
Hero* 14920%/s
Mech 14774%/s
WH 14301%/s
DK 14270%/s
Merc** 14082%/s
DB 12718%/s
Paladin 11832%/s
CS** 11413%/s
Sin 11283%/s
BM 10777%/s
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May 19 12
Scania Corsair
This is wrong. You can tell because Phantoms are above sairs in 1v1. The best 1v1 skill for a phantom to get is rapid fire. Sairs will have rapid fire with the afa type skill on top of that...
May 19 12
Bera Kaiser 4
To the people who say the numbers is wrong.. Please make a new thread with the new numbers :-) Because i would like to know how good bucc will be after revamp
May 19 12*
Galicia Buccaneer
FalconP: How the hell do you know anything about dps threads/charts if you don't know JoeTang...?
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May 19 12*
Scania Marauder
FalconP: 9. what the hell are you even trying to say.. how is this even relevant to what i posted?
what is this a fragment of a complete answer?
If you weren't so pridefully blinded by the confusion of not knowing anything about DPS charts because you believe you do, then maybe you'd be able to understand.

Weapons with higher multipliers have lower base attack (such as knucklers and claws), they do balance each other out so damage percentage is really all you need.
So for example, if you calculate the same amount of weapon attack for both sword and knuckler, the knuckler will obviously have a higher increase due to it's multiplier.

Given that all classes have the same range, multipliers and those other variables don't mean ____, you just need damage percentage per second.
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May 19 12
Windia Corsair
velvetflames: This is wrong. You can tell because Phantoms are above sairs in 1v1. The best 1v1 skill for a phantom to get is rapid fire. Sairs will have rapid fire with the afa type skill on top of that...

Phantom has a final attack too...
Noir Carte: Whenever Phantom has a critical hit, there is a 100% chance that enemies will be automatically hit by a Card for 220% damage. The Card Stack will be increased by 1. Passively increase evasion rate by 20%. (pre-requisite: 20 Blanc Carte) (max level: 20)
May 19 12
Broa Night Lord
meowmeow1: are dbs after db revamp? if so than daym... we suck
but if its pre revamp than: ITOLD U WE ARENT OP!

Db ranges are higher coz they get like an extra 100att from kataras or watever
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May 19 12
Any1 have a real and accurate one?
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