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Where to loot Elixir

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I had a horrible zak run... nearly killed it, but need to zak again,
since i didnt get magic mastery again
(last zak run some random girl took magic mastery and she was not even Evan.... )
also i almost ran out of Elixir that i had collected from daily event
i havent did all lhc quest so i can not enter where really ani is
so im wondering where or which monster i can loot from to get 100% or 50% Elixir
info will be really nice to me
thank u maplers~!
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javicooler Level 144 Scania Shade 4
Elixirs and Power elixirs are dropped by papulatus as far as I know. I used to go in daily and now it's like, impossible for me to run out of pots. Bad thing that I can't go into pap anymore for some reason. >.<
May 21 2012
TheTot Level 120 Windia Kanna 4
Well, theres the guild ones you get, also you can just buy the nlc ones that heal 40% of mp and hp or 75% of hp or mp.[/quote]

Pretty much my answer.
May 21 2012
StraatLamp Level 212 Scania Wind Archer 4 Studio Guild
Aliens at NLC drop Power elixers at a really low rate (untradable).
Master Death teddies drop them as well (untradable).
You can get normal tradable elixers at a really low rate at CDs in Kerning Square.
Mushroom kingdom monsters drop normal elixers (tradable) as well, low rate.
Those places won't get you 50 elixers in an hour though.
May 21 2012
In Zipangu when you kill the final form of the Body Guard boss, loot his etc drop. It looks like a lantern but is called a flashlight. ANyways, when you exit the hideout you lose the etc drop and gain 100 50% elixirs.
May 21 2012
You need to buy Ginger Ales. As stated above, they are available for purchase in NLC.
May 21 2012
samueld9810 Level 148 Scania Bishop
I got power exlixirs from Gallopias(something like that) in front of the entrance
May 21 2012
alvintheazn Level 203 Demethos Buccaneer
Killing the Boss in Showa and looting his lantern gets you 100 elixirs once per day. Ginger ales are more convenient though.
May 21 2012
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