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May 21 12
Bera Bishop
I had a horrible zak run... nearly killed it, but need to zak again,
since i didnt get magic mastery again
(last zak run some random girl took magic mastery and she was not even Evan.... )
also i almost ran out of Elixir that i had collected from daily event
i havent did all lhc quest so i can not enter where really ani is
so im wondering where or which monster i can loot from to get 100% or 50% Elixir
info will be really nice to me
thank u maplers~!
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May 21 12
Scania Hero
Pink elixir and power elixir stopped dropping from monster and bosses a while ago, so they're no longer obtainable except from boxes and events.
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May 21 12
Scania Shade 4
Elixirs and Power elixirs are dropped by papulatus as far as I know. I used to go in daily and now it's like, impossible for me to run out of pots. Bad thing that I can't go into pap anymore for some reason.
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May 21 12
Windia Bow Master
arianagrande: Well, theres the guild ones you get, also you can just buy the nlc ones that heal 40% of mp and hp or 75% of hp or mp.

Pretty much my answer.
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May 21 12
Scania Wind Archer 4
Studio Guild
Aliens at NLC drop Power elixers at a really low rate (untradable).
Master Death teddies drop them as well (untradable).
You can get normal tradable elixers at a really low rate at CDs in Kerning Square.
Mushroom kingdom monsters drop normal elixers (tradable) as well, low rate.
Those places won't get you 50 elixers in an hour though.
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May 21 12
Mardia Paladin
Just get Ginger Ales

75% FTW
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May 21 12
Windia Corsair
Go to NLC and buy Ginger Ales, they heal 75% HP and MP and they only cost 3.8k each.
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May 21 12*
Bera Phantom 4
In Zipangu when you kill the final form of the Body Guard boss, loot his etc drop. It looks like a lantern but is called a flashlight. ANyways, when you exit the hideout you lose the etc drop and gain 100 50% elixirs.
May 21 12
Windia Buccaneer
You need to buy Ginger Ales. As stated above, they are available for purchase in NLC.
May 21 12
Scania Blade Master
I got power exlixirs from Gallopias(something like that) in front of the entrance
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