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Corsair or Buccaneer

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I really don't care about damage but attacking high would be nice aha, but what do you think is better from your experience? Con and Pros? If theres a thread to this already can you link me to it? :O I havent found anything or maybe im just not looking hard enough ;O
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Beefstew Level 110 Bera Hero
TBH I've found both are really slow... but a UA corsair can be wicked thanks to sharks
May 28 2012
Quaisy2 Level 168 Mardia Buccaneer
Like above, they are kind of slow, but in late 3rd job they start to become easier to train. The reason I made a corsair is because I really liked the skills in the revamp, and I'd like to experience it before it changes. Corsairs are squishy, but with decent hyperbody and a high Willpower, I don't think HP is a problem. Corsairs also have rapid fire, a hurricane-type skill great for bossing. Post-revamp, Corsairs will get a lot of skills that add to your defense, HP, and attack, making them stronger than before.[/quote]

Battleship Cannon is better than Rapid Fire.

As of now, Gunslingers and Outlaws are faster to train than Brawlers and Marauders because they do relatively the same damage, but Slingers have Recoil Shot which is great for mobility. At 4th job, Buccs max out their mobbing skill first, and sairs max out their 1v1 skill first making buccs faster levelers in the low levels of 4th job. When sairs start leveling their Torpedo, sairs become stronger in party training.

Post-Revamp, buccs get a huge increase in both 1v1 dpm and mobbing dpm. I'm not sure about corsairs, but I've heard that the revamp benefits buccs more than sairs.
May 28 2012
Quaisy:I'm not sure about corsairs, but I've heard that the revamp benefits buccs more than sairs.

I believe Corsair are buffed just as good as buccs. We have a 330% rapid fire+100% chance to do 70% final attack. and then we get the raging octopus 570%x4 to six mobs.
May 28 2012
If you scroll down the first page in the pirate section of basil, you will notice 2 threads related to sair vs. bucc. Also at the very bottom of the pirate section, first page, there is a button called "next page". Click on that and you will be on the second page of the pirate section where you should notice 4 more threads related to sair vs. bucc. Please try to put more effort into looking for this topic rather than needlessly making yet another thread about it.

OT: I have never played a bucc but both buccs and sairs are capable of hitting high. Funding will play a huge part in this but it seems to me that sairs are better for single target damage whereas buccs look better at dealing damage to multitargets.
May 28 2012
jjdrulez Level 154 Broa Buccaneer
buccaneers, fun, unique, strong but slow and "immobile".
May 28 2012
buccaneers, fun, unique, strong but slow and "immobile".[/quote]

They're not that immobile if you ultilize your CSB right and sometimes BSB. Too bad they're removing BSB after revamp. >.<
May 28 2012
FiendOverlord Level 203 Broa Buccaneer
Buccaneers are the better class overall at revamp.[/quote]

In terms of damage Sairs still outdpm buccs. At both mobbing of 6 and single target.
May 28 2012

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