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Best unfunded class?

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I don't like mages, demon slayers are out because of the nerf, Arans are out because i have trouble using the combo things. Cannoners are out because they are boring. When i say unfunded i mean 5 mill.
Evans are also no because of nx
nugganuggaLevel 126 Scania Mechanic 4
Posted: June


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A good unfunded class that can train fast and good damage? If u thinking that mmmhh pirates maybe because revamp or thiefs but use alot potion in there med lvs or bowman there a fun class well for me. Idk bout most class unfunded because never play anything else expect bowman, thiefs, and pirate.
Jun 04 2012
If you would think that this is essentially cheap / good mobbing / fun class, go for either Dark or somewhere in the warrior category (other than DS / Heros).
Jun 04 2012
You're just looking for an OP class. Wait for one because right now it's the ones you crossed out. The closest thing we have for you is merc right now.
FiendOverlordLevel 203 Broa Buccaneer
Jun 04 2012
u have crossed out all the currently good classes....
Jun 04 2012
I was going to say Arans, but you don't like their combos
So i would go with one of the following options:
-F/P mage (I don't care if you don't like mages)
AnthonysWillLevel 62 Bellocan Blaze Wizard 2
Jun 04 2012
Drain + Jr. Boogie = no potions.
Also, they're pretty strong unfunded.
oAZNvTOFUoLevel 31 Renegades Demon Slayer 2
Jun 04 2012

-Reasonable Dmg
-Flash Jmp/Shadow partner
-Revamp is coming
-Doesn't use much pots
-mobing class
-Pretty fun(doesn't get boring easily)
-and etc....

Edit: Oh and Also... heres a list of why these classes wouldn't work for you.

Drk/Hero/DW: Although while semi-strong im pretty sure you don't want to be spamming 1 skill for the rest of ur job.

BM/MM/WH/Merc: These classes require ALOT of funding if you want to have fun. I'm pretty sure you don't want to be spamming 20ks at lvl 150+

NL: Thats out of the questions for you also. Again, needs ALOT of funding/

Knights of C:....ya these are all boring.

Mechanic: This could be a alternate, however in my opinion, Mech get boring very fast.

Hopes this helps
Jun 04 2012
the shadower one
ineedweaponsLevel 149 Scania Night Lord
Jun 04 2012
Next hes gonna say "oh warriors are hard too lv and boring" -_-
XXjumpstar1299XLevel 146 Arcania Blade Master
Jun 04 2012
uhmm, Battle Mage?
IDKsoMuchLevel 174 Khaini Hero
Jun 04 2012
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