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Jun 07 12
Windia Night Lord
So, I am doing the Alcaster quest to get thesummonning rocks buyable.
Im a PRE everything maplestory player (before allt he big ass updates) and I took a break and started recently and everything was changed.
So yah. I took me forever to figure out that I Had to mine the Powercrystal ores for the quest, and when I found finally 10 of them ( 2 make two crystals)
I refine them and got... MAGIC POWDER? WHAT THE HECK

Can someone explain this to me ? how in the world does it makes powder when it clearly states refining it makes it Crystals...
and so, How do I make power crystal then?
Jun 07 12
Windia Assassin
You keep trying. There's a 10% chance (i think) of getting a powder when you refine any ore.
Jun 07 12
Windia Night Lord
Teresa; Oh really? thats kind of a bummer I just wasnt lucky I guess

When the thief revamp comes out , we wont need Summoning rocks anymore?
and does anyone know approx when it comes out?
Jun 07 12
Windia Night Lord
thanks for the info guys!

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