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Post Justice Buccaneer Guide

Buccaneer Forum Talk about Brawler, Marauder and Buccaneer

spidermanraj Level 162 Nova Buccaneer
Introduction--What Is a Buccaneer? A Buccaneer is a pirate that features a variety of skills and the ability to use I-Frames. I-Frames can be referred to as invincibility frames and can be activated while attacking. A Buccaneer also has the ability to charge Energy after the third job advancement. Once the energy is charged u will receive a buff that gives that gives 20 weapon attack, the ability to perform energy related attacks and the ability to charge more energy on energy based attacks thus increasing the damage. Energy based attacks are attacks that can only be used when your energy is fully charged and are usually stronger then your normal attacks. Overall a buccaneer has somewhat speed to get around, the power that is needed to kill and the skills required to mob efficiently.

3 Types Of Buccaneers

Regular- Basically you just click auto assign every time you get Ap points. Although your damage wont be as high as being low dex or dexless, your character will be easy to fund. All of your equips will go to str.

Low Dex- You cap your dex higher then 4 but lower then or exactly 50. Your damage will be relatively stronger then regular buccs but in return you will need funding. Most of your equips will go towards dex so you can equip your weapons and armor and some will go towards str.

Dexless- You cap your dex at 4. Your damage is extremely above average and you are basically $$ RICH $$ Most likely all of your equips will have some sort of dex and % str.

Equipment Guide:
Hat: Zakum Helm, Scarlion or Targa Helm, Chaos Zakum Helm, Crockell Helm.
Eye Accessory: Kenta Goggles, Broken Glasses, Raccoon Mask, White Raccoon Mask, Spectrum Glasses.
Face Accessory: Speigelmans Mustache, Tree Branch Nose, Smiling Mask, Rat Mouth, Maple Leaf, Shiny Red Pirate Symbol.
Pendant: Silver Deputy Star, Mark Of Naracian, Horntail Necklace, Symbol of Eternal Love, VIP Necklace and many more.
Overall: Reverse Burgunt, Timeless Burgunt, Canopus Suit.
Shoes: Violet Snow Shoes or any Type of Shoe you can get that benefits you the most.
Gloves: Work Gloves, Strong Machine Gloves, Heroes Gloves or a scrolled pirate glove with %str.
Ring: Evolving Ring I, Evolving Ring II, Evolving Ring III, Silent Crusade Rings,.
Cape: Pink Adventurer Cape, Blackfist Cloak, Purple Giles Cape.
Weapon: King Cent, Reverse equinox, Fearless Equinox, Timeless Equinox, Mer Von Leon Claw, VIP Knuckle.
Set: Sharktooth, Ua Set, Vepar Set, Rising SunSet, Pvp Set, Von Leon Se.t

A great way to make money for those who are poor and cannot afford to buy the equips above is to craft equips. Sometimes they will come out in hidden potential and who knows for all you know you could get 27% str making a great equip for you to use or to sell.

Skill Point Guide 1-- Level 10--30
Level 10-1 Somersault Kick
Level 11- 3 Bullet Time
Level 12- 3 Bullet Time
Level 13- 3 Bullet Time
Level 14- 1 Bullet Time (Maxed) 2 Dash
Level 15- 3 Dash
Level 16- 3 Dash
Level 17- 2 Dash (Maxed) 1 Critical Power
Level 18- 3 Critical Power
Level 19- 3 Critical Power
Level 20- 3 Critical Power (Maxed)
Level 21- 3 Somersault Kick
Level 22- 3 Somersault Kick
Level 23- 3 Somersault Kick
Level 24- 3 Somersault Kick
Level 25- 3 Somersault Kick
Level 26- 3 Somersault Kick
Level 27- 3 Somersault Kick
Level 28- 1 Somersault Kick (Maxed) 2 Double Shot
Level 29- 3 Double Shot
Level 30- 3 Double Shot (15)

Explanation- We start off by adding 1 to Somersault Kick as it is our main attacking move. Soon, we max quick motion to making training more efficient as it increases availability which burns less pots and guarantees our attack will hit. Next, We max dash to increase our mobility as it will help during training to come and with certain skills to come.Then, we max Critical Roar to utilize the damage of Somersault Kick and every attack to come. We then max our main attacking move so we can kill faster and increase our damage. Finally, with our main skills maxed we put the left over sp into double shot which is our last move.

Skill Point Guide 2-- Level 30--70

Level 30- 1 Tornado Upper
Level 31- 1 Cork Screw 2 Mastery
Level 32- 3 Mastery
Level 33- 3 Mastery
Level 34- 3 Mastery
Level 35- 3 Mastery
Level 36- 3 Mastery
Level 37- 3 Mastery (Maxed)
Level 38- 3 Booster
Level 39- 3 Booster
Level 40- 3 Tornado Upper
Level 41- 3 Tornado Upper
Level 42- 1 Tornado Upper 2 Endurance
Level 43- 3 Mental Clarity
Level 44- 3 Mental Clarity
Level 45- 3 Mental Clarity
Level 46- 3 Mental Clarity
Level 47- 3 Mental Clarity
Level 48- 3 Mental Clarity
Level 49- 2 Mental Clarity (Maxed) 1 Physical Training
Level 50- 3 Physical Training
Level 51- 3 Physical Training
Level 52- 3 Physical Training (Maxed)
Level 53- 3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 54- 3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 55- 3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 56- 3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 57- 3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 58- 3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 59- 1 Corkscrew Blow 2 Booster
Level 60- 3 Booster
Level 61- 3 Booster
Level 62- 3 Booster
Level 63- 3 Booster (Maxed)
Level 64- 3 Hp Mastery
Level 65- 3 Hp Mastery
Level 67- 3 Hp Mastery
Level 68- 1 Hp Mastery (Maxed) 2 Endurance You can switch Hp Mastery with Endurance as both will be maxed in the end.
Level 69- 3 Endurance
Level 70- 3 Endurance (Maxed)

Explanation- We start of with 1 on our mobbing move Tornado Upper. Then, we put 1 in our rushing move Corkscrew brow and then immediately started maxing Mastery
to make training more efficient. Next, we put 6 into into booster to give us some attack speed and then we put 7 into Tornado Upper to give us some more damage and so we can hit more mobs. Soon, we start maxing out Mental Clarity to give us more damage and again mob efficiently. After that, we max Physical training so we can equip better weapons later on. Finally we start maxing Corkscrew Blow as it used all the way to 4th job to rush mobs. Then, we max out booster so we can use Speed Infusion in 4th job. In the end you max out Hp Mastery then Endurance. You can switch the 2 if you want its all about preferences as both will get maxed either way

Skill Point Guide 3--Level 70--120
Level 70- 1 Double Spiral
Level 71- 1 Energy Charge 1 Energy Buster 1 Lucky Dice
Level 72- 3 Energy Charge
Level 73- 3 Energy Charge
Level 74- 3 Energy Charge
Level 75- 3 Energy Charge
Level 76- 3 Energy Charge
Level 77- 3 Energy Charge
Level 78- 1 Energy Charge ( Maxed) 2 Lucky Dice
Level 79- 3 Critical Rage
Level 80- 3 Critical Rage
Level 81- 3 Critical Rage
Level 82- 3 Critical Rage
Level 83- 2 Critical Rage (Maxed) 1 Double Spiral
Level 84- 3 Double Spiral
Level 85- 3 Double Spiral
Level 86- 3 Double Spiral
Level 87- 3 Double Spiral
Level 88- 3 Double Spiral
Level 89- 3 Double Spiral
Level 90- 1 Double Spiral (Maxed) 2 Willow Defensive
Level 91- 3 Willow Defensive
Level 92- 3 Willow Defensive
Level 93- 3 Willow Defensive
Level 94- 3 Willow Defensive
Level 95- 3 Willow Defensive
Level 96- 3 Willow Defensive
Level 97- 2 Willow Defensive (Maxed) 1 Lucky Dice
Level 98- 3 Lucky Dice
Level 99- 3 Lucky Dice
Level 100- 3 Lucky Dice
Level 101- 3 Lucky Dice
Level 102- 3 Lucky Dice
Level 103- 1 Lucky Dice (Maxed) 2 Stun Mastery
Level 104- 3 Stun Mastery
Level 105- 3 Stun Mastery
Level 106- 3 Stun Mastery
Level 107- 3 Stun Mastery
Level 108- 3 Stun Mastery
Level 109- 3 Stun Mastery (Maxed)
Level 110- 3 Energy Buster
Level 111- 3 Energy Buster
Level 112- 3 Energy Buster
Level 113- 3 Energy Buster
Level 114- 3 Energy Buster
Level 115- 3 Energy Buster
Level 116- 1 Energy Buster (Maxed) 2 Shockwave
Level 117- 3 Shockwave
Level 118- 3 Shockwave
Level 119- 3 Shockwave
Level 120- 3 Shockwave

Explanation- We first start off by putting one on Double Spiral. Next, we put 1 into Lucky Dice to test our luck and give us a buff once in a while and we also put 2 into energy buster so that we our first energy related move then start maxing energy charge so that the duration of it lasts long and so we will be in it almost 24/7, for the weapon attack buff. Then, we max critical rage for our critical hits which will generally make our critical hit rate about 50:50. Soon, we max our main mobbing move double spiral to make training easier. Furthermore we max willow defensive so training and bossing will be more efficient later on and so you wont have to burn pots. Next, we max Lucky Dice so we can get its effects which are almost like hyper body, sharp eyes, holy symbol, iron wall and rage. We soon max stun mastery as we now hit a critical most of the time. Furthermore, we finish by maxing energy buster and our shock wave.

Skill Point Guide 3--Level 120 --200

Ok, basically barely any people get to 200 so for this skill build it will just be a lay out.
120- 1 Dragon Strike, 1 Rage of Fists, 1 Energy Blast
121-1 Double Lucky Dice 1 Time Leap 1 Speed Infusion (Time Leap is for Party Contribution)
122- 3 Viperstion
123- 3 Viperstion
124- 3 Viperstion
125- 3 Viperstion
126- 3 Viperstion
127- 3 Viperstion
128- 3 Viperstion
129- 3 Viperstion
130- 3 Viperstion
131- 3 Viperstion
132- 3 Viperstion (Maxed)
133- 3 Pirates Revenge
134- 3 Pirates Revenge
135- 3 Pirates Revenge
136- 1 Pirates Revenge (Maxed) 2 Guard Crush
137- 3 Guard Crush
138- 3 Guard Crush
139- 3 Guard Crush
140- 3 Guard Crush
141- 3 Guard Crush
142- 3 Guard Crush (Maxed)
143- 3 Double Lucky Dice
144- 3 Double Lucky Dice
145- 3 Double Lucky Dice
146- 3 Double Lucky Dice
147- 3 Double Lucky Dice
148- 3 Double Lucky Dice
149- 1 Double Lucky Dice (Maxed) 2 Time Leap
150- 2 Time Leap 1 Energy Blast
151- 3 Energy Blast
152- 3 Energy Blast
153- 3 Energy Blast
154- 3 Energy Blast
155- 3 Energy Blast
156- 3 Energy Blast (Maxed)
157- 3 Rage of Fists
158- 3 Rage of Fists
159- 3 Rage of Fists
160- 3 Rage of Fists
161- 3 Rage of Fists
162- 3 Rage of Fists
163- 3 Rage of Fists
164- 3 Rage of Fists
165- 3 Rage of Fists
166- 2 Rage of Fists (Maxed)
167- 3 Dragon Strike
168- 3 Dragon Strike
169- 3 Dragon Strike
170- 3 Dragon Strike
172- 3 Dragon Strike
172- 3 Dragon Strike
173- 3 Dragon Strike
174- 3 Dragon Strike
175- 3 Dragon Strike
176- 3 Dragon Strike
177- 2 Dragon Strike (Maxed) 1 Speed Infusion
178- 3 Speed Infusion> I Saved Speed Infusion for the end because at level 1 the skill doesn't change its effect it will only boost your weapons speed by 1 step and at
179- 3 Speed Infusion level 1 it lasts for 110 Seconds and if you still want more you switch this with Time Leap
180- 3 Speed Infusion
181- 3 Speed Infusion
182- 3 Speed Infusion
183- 3 Speed Infusion (Maxed)
184- 3 Maple Warrior > This can pretty much be maxed anytime you want but only if u have all of the skill books
185- 3 Maple Warrior
186- 3 Maple Warrior
187- 3 Maple Warrior
188- 3 Maple Warrior
189- 3 Maple Warrior
190- 3 Maple Warrior
191- 3 Maple Warrior
192- 3 Maple Warrior
193- 3 Maple Warrior
194- 3 Maple Warrior
195- 3 Nautilus Battle Ship > Whatever Sp you have left you put onto this
196- 3 Nautilus Battle Ship
197- 3 Nautilus Battle Ship
198- 3 Nautilus Battle Ship
199- 3 Nautilus Battle Ship
200- 3 Nautilus Battle Ship

Training Guide
1-10 > Maple Island Quests
10-30 > Nautilis > Move from Pigs to Starfishes to Jellyfishes, Rotting Fodders(NLC), Golems.
30-35 > Mushroom Kingdom,
35-40 > Kerning Square,
40-45 > Cellions in Orbis, C.P.Q, Monster Park
45-50 > Scarecrows, Brown Teddies, Monster Park
50-55 > Scarecrows, Brown Teddies, Sand Rats, L.P.Q, Monster Park
60-70 > Jesters, Voodoos, L.P.Q, G.P.Q., Robos, Monster Park
70-80 > Jesters, Roids, Monster Park
80-90 > Mp3 (Mysterious Path 3 in Singapore), Monster Park
90-110 > Aliens, Captains, Dual Ghost Pirates, Monster Park
110 to 200 > LHC (Lion Heart Castle), Monster Park, Boss Daily, Stronghold, Temple of Time

Furthermore, I do not know many spots to train at after 110. Additionally, you DO NOT have to follow these spots u can go to train where ever you are most comfortable, these are just the places where i train and find the fastest. If u have better places feel free to leave a feedback for others viewing and i will add it on

Credits- This is my guide to A Buccaneer Post Justice hopefully you will find it useful You may take this guide as long as you give credits me but under no circumstances may you claim this as your own guide. Credits to jh92 PiplupStar PhaseOfFact MizuiChan Amped Tricks122 as they were the ones who pointed out my errors and help me make me guide better. Thank You

Feedback: Thank you guys for the feedback I'm sure you guys have more experience then me as buccaneer i will update this guide as u comment. Criticism is welcome as it will help make my guide better.

Log: June 09, 2012 Guide Created
June 10, 2012 Guide Updated (Third and Fourth Job Build)
June 10, 2012 Guide Updated (Equipment Section, 2nd Job Build)
Posted: June 2012 Permalink


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Tricks122 Level 203 Windia Buccaneer

I'm not even going to bother pointing out everything that's wrong or could be improved since the other post-justice guide is better in it's current form. I seriously have no clue if you just typed this up quickly or didn't think about the builds, but you've got something wrong in every job, not to mention the equipment section is horribly outdated(Pink Adventurer Cape? Really?...).

I'm sorry, but if you're going to make a guide, put some effort into it. Just don't post something with a ton of flaws and expect people to make corrections FOR you, because I sure as hell am not.
Jun 09 2012
Amped Level 108 Bera Hero
In some parts, this is better than the other guide. In other parts, the other guide beats this. Both need work.
In second job, you don't even add booster until level 48. It'd be much more efficient to get level 6 booster off the bat. I'd get Physical Training maxed before Mental Clarity (1 point into it). There's a lot more that can be fixed up, but it's your guide I suppose. I didn't bother reading the builds after second job, skimmed through some other stuff.

Consider adding more training spots and fix up the equipment portion.
Jun 09 2012
MizuiChan Level 209 Galicia Buccaneer Justaway Guild
...You give a bit too much priority to skills that should be maxed a bit later to make use of more beneficial ones. There are a number of things that scream out in my head (1. Booster shouldn't be held off for so long, and you **NEED** to max it in order to use Speed Infusion, which you didn't even add any points into!), but I guess you just rushed it like crazy, or didn't look at the pool of skills before devising a guide about them. Not to sound rude, but you should really take a little more work into your endeavor, but I guess you can do things the way that pleases you, and I'll do what pleases me. Either way, it does need quite a bit of work, but it was nice to try to make a guide. I do appreciate it, but some modifications are definitely required
Jun 09 2012
PhaseOfFact Level 210 Galicia Buccaneer
Agreed with above.
Basically, good intentions, but needs major revision.
Jun 09 2012
What the others said. Also instead of maxing out corkscrew, max booster for Speed Infusion. Like what someone said you need it to max SI unless you don't need it anymore and the little bit of damage doesn't make a difference unless you need it to max another skill. Also Time Leap earlier is useless, even with 5 levels. The CD is too long and basically the only worthwhile time to use it is if you drastically need Smokescreen and variations or Resurrect.
Jun 09 2012
jh92 Level 203 Demethos Luminous 4
Why not put 1 sp on dice at lv71 instead of 88? For 4th job, u should also put 1 sp in natilus at lv121 and then max double dice before anything else because it only need 5 sp to be maxed.
Jun 09 2012
PhaseOfFact Level 210 Galicia Buccaneer
@PiplupStar: I'd say max booster instead of Tornado Upper since Corkscrew is used throughout the entire Bucc career while Tornado Upper (I think) is not used often after 120.
Jun 09 2012
@PhaseOfFact: I agree with that except the fact the guide confuses me because I only see one point in Tornado Upper
Jun 09 2012
PhaseOfFact Level 210 Galicia Buccaneer
@PiplupStar: Yea that had me puzzled to, along with the non-existence of a key Bucc skill, Speed Infusion lol
Jun 09 2012
Tricks122 Level 203 Windia Buccaneer
What personally confuses the hell out of me is how someone can say that Fist of Enrage, Energy Blast(Laser) AND Dragon Strike are interchangeable. They aren't. That's the major screw up, along with no SI... Which means I can't tell if this is a good guy trying, or a troll.
Jun 09 2012
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