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Cannoneer vs. Demon Slayer vs. Mercedes?

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Jun 11 12
I just came back to maplestory and want to start off fresh with one of these classes so which of these three classes would be the best to make for leveling but while also having a low fund. Also do not let the revamp for Demon Slayer I'm hearing about change your decision, I want to know best for right here right now
POLL - Cannoneer vs. Demon Slayer vs. Mercedes?
48% - Cannoneer - 16 / 33
21% - Demon Slayer - 7 / 33
30% - Mercedes - 10 / 33
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Jun 11 12
Galicia Mercedes 4
Actually, when I came back after Legend update, I made all 3, and here's what I felt.

Cannoneers were fun during 2nd job, but the 3rd job repetitive skill only got me to 87.
Demon Slayers, just no.

I stuck with my Mercedes and still play because I like the wide range of skills in all jobs. (Aerial Barrage in 3rd job probably pushed me toward 110 and higher)
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Jun 11 12
so I'm liking either Cannoneer or Mercedes but which would be the best unfunded but still can level. I'm kind of leaning towards Cannoneer
Jun 11 12
Bera Marksman
I found my Mercedes funner than my cannoneer (I got them both to the same lvl)
Jun 11 12
Chaos Mercedes 4
DKFunkyFresh: I found my Mercedes funner than my cannoneer (I got them both to the same lvl)

*more fun
Jun 11 12
Bera Marksman
Laxmonsterr: *more fun

Jun 11 12
Windia Bow Master
Merc is alot faster so to me its moore fun.... I couldn't stand the slow speed of the cannoner but the demon slayer well I liked it better than cannoner but still Merc is best.
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Jun 11 12
Bera Luminous 3
I found Mercedes to be fun as it was fast and unique.

Demon Slayers are ok if you don't mind using the same attack over and over again.

Cannoneer are iffy in my opinion since I did not like the third job skills.
Jun 11 12
Bera Corsair
I got my Merc to 124 and my Cannon to 169. Personally I liked Cannons better cause I didn't have to put massive amounts of funding to have decent damage.
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Jun 11 12
Scania Kaiser 4
I have a 168 merc, 81 demon slayer and right now a 74 cannoneer. I must say my cannoneer has been the most fun from 10-70. However make them all for all the bonuses. Really helpful.

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