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Flat training maps

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not sure if this is in the right section, but
does anyone know any good FLAT training maps? (pref lvl 60~200 or whatever the highest should be)
id rather not have any suggestions like mp3 or jesters, because i prefer flat over pretty much all else.

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Scarecrows -> jesters -> MP3 -> pirates -> lhc -> ? -> 200
(or Gallos)
Jun 14 2012
@glitchy thanks for suggestions, but pls look at my last line
@blackmarble id rather train easy and without lots of ppl, even if exp is less. i could also do other stuff like study for stuffs.
Jun 14 2012
thanks very much!
Jun 14 2012
Momijii Level 165 Khaini Legend
Sand Rats, Homunscullus, Roids, Dreamy Ghosts/Himes
Jun 14 2012
Catastrophe Level 154 Bera Night Lord
Most of Ariant/Magatia
Jun 14 2012
lots of map in magatia/ariant are flat...I usually start training at sand rat/scorpion at lvl 70 then maybe switch to desert giant which is another flat map...then lvl 80 for roid in magatia...another flat map then roid/neuhorid, around lvl 85-90, I go to homonculus (another flat map)
Jun 14 2012
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