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Jun 14 12
not sure if this is in the right section, but
does anyone know any good FLAT training maps? (pref lvl 60~200 or whatever the highest should be)
id rather not have any suggestions like mp3 or jesters, because i prefer flat over pretty much all else.

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Jun 14 12
Scania Warrior
a caucasion female
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Jun 14 12*
Scarecrows -> jesters -> MP3 -> pirates -> lhc -> ? -> 200
(or Gallos)
Jun 14 12
glitchy thanks for suggestions, but pls look at my last line
blackmarble id rather train easy and without lots of ppl, even if exp is less. i could also do other stuff like study for stuffs.
Jun 14 12
Khaini Aran 4
Himes/Dreamy ghost.

Or what kydo11 said, almost every map in Showa is flat.
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Jun 14 12
Ariant, sahel 1-3.
Jun 14 12
thanks very much!
Jun 14 12
Khaini Jett 4
Lift Guild
Sand Rats, Homunscullus, Roids, Dreamy Ghosts/Himes
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Jun 14 12
Bera Night Lord
Most of Ariant/Magatia
Jun 14 12
Bellocan Hero
Stronghold for 165+.
Extremely dangerous to train there while multitasking though.
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